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Design Poseur's LSU Tattoo!

It's either this or watch SEC Media Days. And you can't make me do that.

This would be a bit too hardcore
This would be a bit too hardcore

I've stopped writing the obligatory "I Hate SEC Media Days" column because I think the only thing more tiresome than SEC Media Days are people writing articles about how much they hate SEC Media Days. Don't like it? Don't watch. It's pretty easy.

Now, of course I will watch because what the hell else am I going to do during the summer? Pay attention to my family? Work on the great American novel? Please. I'm like a moth to a flame here. I know I shouldn't go towards the light, but I know in a few hours I'm going to be flying around with singed wings.

So, in an earnest effort to ignore SEC Media Days, I'm giving my devoted readers something else to do. Since we know there's no actual news going on right now outside of the police blotter, let's just embrace the meaninglessness of these summer months. Let's play a game to pass the time. Let's design Poseur's new tattoo.

After we tweaked our logo here in the new site design, a lot of you budding graphic designers had some good opinions on how to make the logo better. Unfortunately, there wasn't a whole lot we could do to change it because it was controlled by our corporate overlords.* But what I can do is give you a second chance to design something, and this will be permanently marked on to someone's human flesh. I am willing to be the canvas for your quirky design. I want to crowd source an LSU tattoo.

*Did I say overlords? I meant protectors.

Now, there are a few rules, which I have the right to arbitrarily change at any time for any reason. See, that's what makes them arbitrary.

1. You are to design a logo for me, Poseur. It should incorporate elements from LSU, but you can choose which. It doesn't have to reference the site, and I'd rather prefer it didn't.

2. I have a job, so it can't go somewhere that can be seen at work. That means no face or neck tattoos. Sorry. When you make a design, tell me where it's supposed to go. My upper arms are already taken, but it could go over the shoulder.

3. It should look decent as a twitter avatar. I'm just saying. Once I get the tattoo, I will take photos for everyone's enjoyment/mockery.

4. I am the sole judge. If I like a design, I will choose it, go to my local artist, and have him modify it as needed. You can post pictures of your ideas in this thread, or send me an email, which you can find by clicking my byline. If I don't like any of the designs, I'm not doing it.

5. The winner gets the satisfaction that another human being is a billboard for their stunning artistic genius. You will also receive $1 million in ATVS bucks, redeemable at the SB Nation Alabama blog.*

6. Yes. I'm dead serious. I'm a crappy artist and have no good ideas, but I want a unique LSU tattoo. So I'm coming to our brilliant community for help. LSUFreek, you're my only hope.

*No, not really.

Isn't this more fun the Media Days? Let's permanently scar another human being! I don't see Johnny Football allowing you to alter his very person. That's because Johnny Football does not care for his fans like we do.

It's also because, as you can tell, we get sort of desperate for content in these summer months. Why do you think journalists came up with SEC Media Days in the first place?