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Five Things: 7/30/2013

1. A couple of fun Smart Football links, from Chris' work over at some of the multi-faceted ways the NFL is trying to deal with the zone-read; and a little story about how Sean Payton spent some of his exile last year. As an aside, the comments section (I know, NEVER READ THE COMMENTS) caught me a bit off-guard as to just how many fans of other teams really dislike Payton. That's kind of funny to me, and given that for most of my life the Saints were not really relevant enough to inspire strong fan opinion one way or the other (aside from Falcons fans of course), its kind of cool.

2. Also from Grantland, looks like former Auburn running back Michael Dyer hasn't quite given up on his college career yet.

3. Yaaaay, more Senor Football adventures!

4. Piece of good news for Tiger basketball -- super recruit Jordan Mickey is cleared to play this year, finalizing Johnny Jones' loaded recruiting class.

5. Finally, lets send some prayers the Aggies' way, as freshman defensive lineman Polo Manukainiu very sadly passed away in a car accident per reports this morning.