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Help Me Tell Your Stories of LSU Football!

Calling all loyal ATVS readers to help create a series for each game week of football season which will recount notable recent LSU football games.

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Hello friends! My name is Zach Rau, and I’m one of the new contributors here at And the Valley Shook. I have a lot of things I hope to write for the blog in the coming months, but only one of them involves readers like you! (Yes, just like you!)

For those of you who enjoy resident chef and football guru Billy Gomila’s Wednesday WayBack series, I have a proposition for you to help me with something similar. Each week of this football season that LSU plays, I hope to compile an oral history of sorts from several points of view on fairly recent LSU games which will (somewhat) coincide with that week’s opponent. For non-conference weeks I’m doing fairly recent notable games, while for SEC opponents I’ll be doing a game from that series. Here’s a prospective list of games I’d like to do. This is tentative, and I’m open to suggestions!

· Week 1 – LSU vs. Oregon 2011 ( Arlington, TX)

· Week 2 – LSU vs. Troy 2008

· Week 3 – LSU vs. Virginia Tech 2007

· Week 4 – LSU at Auburn 2008

· Week 5 – LSU vs. Georgia 2003

· Week 6 – LSU at Mississippi State 2009

· Week 7 – LSU vs. Florida 2007

· Week 8 – LSU vs. Ole Miss 2010

· Week 9 – LSU vs. Appalachian State 2008

· Week 10 – LSU vs. Alabama 2010

· Week 11 – LSU vs. Texas A&M 2011 (AT&T Cotton Bowl)

· Week 12 – LSU vs. Arkansas 2009

For each week, I’ll want some stories from before, during, and after these games that you, our loyal readers, may have. It doesn’t matter if you were at the game, watching on TV, or listening on the radio. I want as many points of view as possible!

To assist y’all who may want to write, I’m setting up a mailing list that will send you details for each game, including specific events in each one that I’m looking to get your reactions to. Neat, eh? To join the mailing list, just email me at, subject line “As It Happened.” For this segment to succeed, I’m going to need lots of reader support, so anything you guys can lend would be great. I appreciate whatever y’all would be willing to submit. If you have any suggestions on it, leave a comment! If you’d like to know more, feel free to ask me via email or Twitter! Thanks in advance, friends!