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Five Things: 8/15/2013

A couple of things for you to enjoy on a Friday morning.

1. I've referenced it before, but Cody Worsham of Tiger Rag did an outstanding job on this piece on Cam Cameron.

2. Couple of good beat articles via the Advocate: notes on the n00bs in the secondary; notebook on Melvin Jones' move to offense and Trey Granier's transfer; and a few notes on the actual scrimmage from Les Miles, for those of you that haven't already devoured everything you can.

3. Fantastic Grantland feature on one of the NFL's most underrated players -- former Tiger Kyle Williams.

4. A few more feature notes from D.J. Welter, who may or may not have the starting mike linebacker job, depending on who you ask; Vadal Alexander's move to guard; and staying with the offensive line, La'El Collins on the left tackle move.

5. A pretty damn cool video from ex-LSU kicker Josh Jasper: