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Link Gumbo 8/22/13

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Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Les Miles' scrimmage reports are usually completely useless, and usually you can tell they contain numbers pulled from thin air. But now it appears LSU isn't even trying to fool anyone. LSU had about 200 yards rushing and 250 yards passing in both it's Saturday and Tuesday scrimmages. Mettenberger is throwing TD passes to "offensive players", etc. , etc. If you'd like to watch the last press conference, I've posted the Advocate's video below.

About the only thing of note was Miles' comments about the news that Rickey Jefferson was given probation for pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest back in February. When asked about what Jefferson would have as far as internal punishment, Miles said:

"In the time we had him, we kind of anticipated this thing was going to resolve itself," Miles said. "We talked to him and gave him small, really inconsequential discipline. We really anticipated this thing would resolve itself and it seems that it has."

Emphasis mine. That quote is sure to make an out-of-context cameo appearance in a hand wringing column about how Miles is running a dirty program the next time something bad happens.

There are reactions to the SEC 2014 schedule release all over the place, but I really enjoyed this analysis from

For their part, the Aggies are thrilled about getting a Thanksgiving game back (good GIF work is always celebrated here, and CuppyCup's disturbing vision is impressive.)

LSU would like everyone who is going to the game in Dallas to be aware that the NFL's new policy on bags in the stadium will be in effect for the TCU game and they are very specific. Thanks to Cliff Hilbert who originally brought this to our attention in a fanpost.

Also of note for the upcoming season: The CATS buses from downtown BR to Tiger Stadium will run again this season at an increased cost of $10. LSU has also put out an updated list of radio affiliates for the season, which includes a tiny AM station in Tennessee and 2 Spanish language broadcast stations in Louisiana.

We mentioned yesterday that pyramid scheme Advocare is the title sponsor of the game vs. Wisconsin in Houston. If you're wondering why, it's likely related to the fact that Advocare has dropped their sponsorship of Shreveport's Independence Bowl. In a world where a half dozen new bowls spring up every year and conferences as low as the CUSA can create a bowl game in the Bahamas (SERIOUSLY, THE BAHAMAS!), an Indy Bowl with a meager payout and the...attractiveness...of Shreveport may one day find itself without a team to fill it's game.

Of the cash-in opponents coming to Death Valley this year, Kent State is proving to be the most interesting in the preseason. They're putting a lot of weight behind a Heisman campaign for RB Dri Archer that even includes an episodic comic strip.

We've mentioned this before, and LSU doesn't even play them this year, but take note. Vandy's punter is a scary individual.

One of the last, but best, LSU previews of the year from a national perspective comes from Paul Myerberg, now writing for USA Today. He ranks the Tigers 17th, but tempers that with his own uncertainty about what will be seen from LSU this season.

The Times Pic has an update on Chad Jones progress through the Cincinnati farm system, where the organization is confident in his abilities, even if the numbers aren't there yet.

TCU may be getting new uniforms this week for the game in Dallas, and Frog fans are not happy.

SB Nation's Steve Godfrey caught up with ULM's Todd Berry to find out what the Warhawks are going to do for a follow up to 2012's amazing season.

Congratulations to our SBN neighbors at At The Hive, who recently completed a remodel ahead of the first season of Pelicans Basketball.

Fans of River Parish football should note that the new Fox Sports 1 has picked up a John Curtis game for National TV.

There was considerably less hoopla over the release of the 2013 SEC Men's hoops schedule, which the SEC managed to release mere days before the start of the semester. LSU's schedule features a home-and-home with Kentucky, a CBS game at Florida, non-conf road games at UMass and Texas Tech, and, for the first time in program history, every road game will be televised in some form. The only story worth mentioning in SEC hoops these days is the continued suspension of Ole Miss Uber-Troll Marshall Henderson after yet another drug related incident.

Honestly, the best hoops news you're going to see is that LSU has AN AMAZING NEW HOME COURT DESIGN WITH OLD CRAZY MIKE ON IT!

The SEC has joined other major conferences and the NCAA in dropping their affiliation with the EA college football video game, the latest in a long line of fallout to come from the NCAA Student Athlete Likeness Rights lawsuit that appears to have no end in sight.

I'm not a big fan of ESPN personalities, but Scott Van Pelt is easily my favorite national radio host to listen to. I was pleased to learn that the SVP show is coming back to LSU this season for the A&M game.

One of Dandy Don's readers shared a video clip of recent commit Trey Quinn at the 2008 Little League World Series (we have a commit in next year's class who played in the 2008 LLWS and suddenly we all feel old)