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ATVS-Geaux Show Pick'em 2013 - Week 1

Cam Cameron can't wait to get his own ATVS Koozie
Cam Cameron can't wait to get his own ATVS Koozie
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the 7th/8th annual ATVS-Geaux Show pick'em challenge, where you the reader can match wits with the best prognosticators our corner of the internet has to offer for a chance at immortal glory and honor. And, oh yeah, KOOZIES!

This year's star prize is a BRAND NEW, LIMITED EDITION, ATVS Koozie, to be given to the winner of the pick'em game each week. I'm not sure yet what the grand prize will be for the overall season winner, but you can be sure it will be something special.


Artist Rendering. Adult Beverage not included.

We will again be using the pick'em system at to pick a handful of games against the spread each week. The games will be chosen and announced no later than Tuesday here on ATVS and we will, with limited exception, only be picking games that happen on Saturdays. Picks will usually be due before the early kickoff on Saturday morning, unless otherwise noted. To facilitate picking a weekly winner, this season we are incorporating a weekly tiebreaker where you will have to predict the exact score of a game each week (usually the LSU game, unless it's a bye week). Also, to keep the contest honest, there will be NO AUTOPICKING by the system. If you fail to make picks before they are due, you will get a goose egg for the week.

The rules for the Tiebreaker are as follows:

Whoever picks the winner of the game correctly (had more points on the actual winner than on the loser of the game).

If still tied, continue:

Whoever was closest to the combined score of both the winning and losing teams.

Whoever was closest to the winning team's score of the game. If still tied, continue:

Whoever was closest to the losing team's score of the game. If still tied, continue:

To sign up JUST CLICK THIS LINK and follow the instructions. The password is tigers. Be sure to use a valid e-mail address, as this is how you will be contacted to receive your prize.

Plenty of midweek action for the season kickoff, so let's get to it.

PodKATT's Picks
Away Team
Home Team
NCAA Sat 08/31 05:30pm Virginia Tech (0-0) 1 Alabama (0-0) -19.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 04:00pm La.-Lafayette (0-0) 1 Arkansas (0-0) -10.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 07:00pm Washington St. (0-0) 1 Auburn (0-0) -18.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 08:00pm Georgia (0-0) 1 Clemson (0-0) 2.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 07:00pm Western Ky. (0-0) 1 Kentucky (0-0) -4.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 12:30pm Louisiana Tech (0-0) 1 North Carolina St. (0-0) -14.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 07:00pm La.-Monroe (0-0) 1 Oklahoma (0-0) -23.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 03:30pm Mississippi St. (0-0) 1 Oklahoma St. (0-0) -12.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 04:00pm Nicholls St. (0-0) 1 Oregon (0-0) -58.5 info
NCAA Mon 09/02 08:00pm Florida St. (0-0) 1 Pittsburgh (0-0) 10.5 info
NCAA Thu 08/29 06:00pm North Carolina (0-0) 1 South Carolina (0-0) -11.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 03:30pm Penn St. (0-0) 1 Syracuse (0-0) 8.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 09:00pm LSU (0-0) 1 TCU (0-0) 4.5 info
NCAA Thu 08/29 09:15pm Mississippi (0-0) 1 Vanderbilt (0-0) 3.5 info
NCAA Sat 08/31 10:00pm Boise St. (0-0) 1 Washington (0-0) -3.5 info


For brevity's sake, because there are a bunch of big and notable games this week, let's just discuss the interesting selections. For USL, WSU, and ULM, I think the spreads are just too high. La Tech I see as an outright upset of NC State. I'm very tempted to take Clemson against the Dawgs, but conference homerism prevents me from doing so. Nicholls St @ Oregon (for the second consecutive week going back to last season) is there for the sheer absurdity of a 58 1/2 point spread. Vandy derails the Ole Miss Hype Train early, while Boise St starts one of their own.

Picks for the Thursday games are due before their kickoffs, otherwise