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Nick Brossette and Xavier Lewis Commit!

LSU fans woke up this morning to two more solid additions for the 2015 class, joining composite 5-star cornerback Kevin Toliver II.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sport

If you went to bed relatively early last night like myself (thank you grownup life), you woke up to find the 2015 commitment tracker at 3 this morning. Even in the week leading up to the first game of the season against #20 TCU up in JerryWorld, the LSU coaching staff was still up on the phones and it paid off. University Lab (Baton Rouge, LA) running back Nick Brossette and East St. John (Reserve, LA) cornerback Xavier Lewis announced their commitments late Monday night. The commitments came as a surprise and a very welcome one to get LSU fans even more excited before the game on Saturday. So what did LSU get in these two players? Let's take a look-see

Nick Brossette

Nick Brossette Sophomore Highlights (via UHighFootball)

When you play for a high school that has their home games on the LSU campus, you tend to stand out to the LSU coaching staff and fans when you are right in the backyard. It becomes easier to stand out for said recruit when members of the LSU coaching staff have sons playing on the team. Brossette has piqued the interest of LSU fans ever since he began making headlines during his freshman season. When he showed no drop-off from his freshman to sophomore year, it became clear this kid was not a flash-in-the-pan recruit.

Brossette will not be the fastest running back recruit that LSU will take, but what he somewhat lacks in the speed department, he makes up for it in the other attributes required to be a solid running back. His agility is accentuated with solid fundamental footwork that makes his shiftiness look very fluid to give him the ability to juke players at any level of the defense. You can tell he has been coached very well at the high school level when a running back can combine solid footwork with superb vision in locating the gaps in the offensive line and hitting them at the correct time. His size though helps him become an agile bowling ball.

You always like to see when a running back at the high school level has no problem lowering his head and running someone over instead of looking for the flashier play. Brossette is one that is not afraid to shy away from contact and just shows he has what it takes to be a workhouse running back. When looking at the potential recruits LSU may reel in over the coming years, it looks as if LSU will continue to boast a strong backfield and Brossette is a key piece in achieving that mark.

Xavier Lewis

The allure of DBU continues to grow (sorry other colleges, but there is only one DBU and it resides in Baton Rouge) as they received a commitment from Xavier Lewis last night. It doesn't take long into his highlights (which are on Hudl for those interested) why Lewis was a take for defensive backs coach Corey Raymond. There is a physicality that Lewis shows at the line of scrimmage that you don't really see that often in high school football. Let me correct that: there is a successful physicality that Lewis shows at the line of scrimmage. Some recruits will think they can come up to the line to jam receivers and the next thing they know their assignment is ten yards down the field. His physicality continues to show in his ability to come up to the line in the run game and lay the lumber. LSU is fond of cornerbacks that have no issue with sticking their nose in the run game and Lewis seems to have no problem with bringing the pain.

Lewis has a solid build that is enhanced by his agility to run with receivers that are smaller than him, allowing him to come up to the line and stick his assignment from the beginning. That athleticism is shown by his ability to go on offense as well for his East St. John team, playing anywhere from quarterback to wide receiver. Combine him with the initial 2015 commitment Kevin Toliver II and LSU already has a solid, physical cornerback duo in the 2015 class. Looking at those two and what could be for the 2014 class and DBU looks to continue its high-quality enrollment.

With two top-20 commits from the state of Louisiana and the top cornerback in the nation already in for 2015, LSU is off to a blistering start for a class that is just beginning their junior year of high school Brossette was quick to start his recruitment of other 2015 players, targeting five-star defensive tackle Daylon Mack out of Gladewater, Texas, who LSU will be in a deep battle for against Texas A&M to get his signature way later on down the road. Lewis has been said to be a strong recruiter as well and will be nice having two commits of that stature to be out there looking to make their class one of the strongest. I think LSU fans can sleep easy tonight for two reasons:

1. The 2015 LSU class just got a lot stronger

2. I don't think there will be any other late-night commitments tonight.

But then again, no one thought Brossette and Lewis would be in the class this early. Maybe sleep with one eye open on the LSU message boards, you know, just in case.

Finally, in order to not take any attention away from the significance of these two new LSU Tigers, I would like to formally thank all of those on And The Valley Shook, especially Paul Crewe for giving me this opportunity to write for this amazing website and to briefly welcome myself to the readers of this page. I hope you all enjoy what I hope to bring to this site in the near future.

And as always