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Link Gumbo 8/28/13

Jared Wickerham

As was confirmed by Coach Miles on Monday, the playing career of SR OL Josh Williford is over at LSU, but he will stay on with the team as a player coach this season. Williford's family is taking the news in stride.

Similar to Les Miles in the situation with Jeremey Hill, TCU's Gary Patterson will not rule out suspended DE Devonte Fields from playing in this weekend's game . Unlike Les Miles, Patterson fancies himself a country music singer.

Prognostication about this weekend's game is starting to come in from around the web. Here, the excellent Football Study Hall details how TCU has a chance at an upset.

The Times-Pic recently had a sports-focused interview with new LSU President/Chancellor F. King Alexander recently where all manner of topics related to the Athletic Dept. were discussed.

LSU will be increasing the level of security at the stadium and on campus at home games this fall. I can't wait to play a game of flip cup against a team of plain-clothes SWAT guys.

The LSU Radio Network has added two Houston AM stations to the list of stations that will carry live radio coverage of LSU football this season.

Tickets for the majority of LSU football's home slate are still on sale at face value directly from the university, including tickets for the Arkansas and Auburn games.

The home slate for 2016 has changed, dropping Southern Miss for Jacksonville State.

The Daily Rev has a good review of the Lady Tiger's team trip to Spain earlier this month.

Eric Reid has been named the week 1 starter at safety for the 49ers. Meanwhile, some Tigers are on the short end of the NFL's roster cuts, including Brad Wingwho could not overcome former Tiger Donnie Jones for the punting job in Philly.

We're quite a bit late on this, but it should not come to pass without being mentioned here. After a few years of leading the worst offense in the CFL, Gary Crowton has been fired.

We have all already missed the first college football game of the year. In the NAIA, Rocky Mountain College beat Jamestown College 34-20 this past saturday.

There are hundreds of uniform changes in D1 this season, most of them are quite terrible.

Spencer Hall is great at writing about college football, but he might be at his best when talking about Les Miles.

Bill Connely's new book "Study Hall: College Football, Its Stats and Its Stories" is getting rave reviews (I havent yet had time to read it myself) and he's put the first chapter up here on SB Nation

Paul Mainieri is a pretty good fisherman.

Former TIger Sean Ochinko was one of 3 minor league baseball players given a 50 game suspension this week after testing positive for amphetamines

Not related to anything, but Houston Nut Story Time is always worth a listen.

(This is some footage from the campus move-in day I found funny, Fr OT Jerald Hawkins lifting a fridge the size of a small person)