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A Flair For the Game: LSU vs. TCU

Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, to talk about the big showdown in Dallas, world heavyweight champion, Nature Boy Ric Flair.



Dallas. Texas. Dallas. Texas. Woo. You know, Dallas isn't home to Ric Flair, but it's a Ric Flair kinda town. Big buildings, big houses, big hair, big horses WOOOO! And big competition. They appreciate a man like Ric Flair! And it's not just because I fly into town on my private jet and drive around in a stretch limousine! Those blonde beauty queens don't just line up for the Nature Boy because he's custom made from head to toe in clothes that cost more than your house. No sir. They love the Nature Boy in Dallas because they can appreciate, that I'm a finely tuned athletic specimen! And they love winners. Because they love big time. Championship. Material.

I tell you what boy! WOOOOO the last time Ric Flair was here, two years ago, we tore the roof off that new fancy stadium Jerry Jones built! And when it was all over, he brought me up to his suite and he said "Slick Ric!" He said "Champ! Tell me what I gotta do to get them Cowboys to styyyyle and profiiiiile like the Nature Boy!"

And I said Jerry, I can't teach you what I was born with! WOOOOOO!

TEE SEE YOU! You boys are stepping up to the big time, and I hope you're ready! Because in Dallas, Ric Flair is gonna conduct a little seminar. Teach a few lessons, as it were. And you better take some notes, because I don't like to repeat myself. This (/points to self) right here, is what's happening in college football, and on August 31st, the Nature Boy is gonna style and profile right over you for about 30 seconds! And then you're gonna know what a real man looks like. WOOOOOOOOOO!