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Bealoved Brown Is Cleared For Take Off At LSU

Possibly the most-watched track recruit in LSU history is finally cleared and football recruiting fans are ecstatic. Wait what?

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Normally when LSU gets a high-profile track recruit, most fans don't pay too much attention to it and just credit it to the success of the track program in Baton Rouge. But when you are the sister of a composite five-star cornerback recruit, you tend to garner attention from the football fans as well.

When Bealoved Brown's test score was flagged due to a high increase in score and that it was taken in New Mexico, outside of her home state of Texas, a slight panic set in for fans intrigued with her track accolades and the recruitment of her brother Tony. When the NCAA Clearinghouse took their diligent/good-ole time (like they do with EVERYTHING...Are they hiring? I could use a job where I can be that lazy) in investigating her case, fans began to get more worried that we would never see members of the Brown family at LSU. In a day following the gloom that arose from the recent Cam Robinson news, sunshine came through the clouds when the athletic department was notified that Bealoved Brown was cleared to attend LSU, along with 2013 cornerback Rashard Robinson (who recently got a solid article on here from Paul Crewe because of it, so go check that out after you read my awesomeness).

Before we get into what this means for LSU football, let's focus on the premier track athlete that coach Dennis Shaver is likely excited to have on his squad. Bealoved comes to Baton Rouge with a number of accolades to her name, including 5 Class 4A state championships and a 2012 AAU Junior Olympics champion in the 4X100 relay. What this means is the 2012 NCAA Women's Outdoor Coach of the Year is more than happy to bring in a high quality runner, who has a good shot at making a significant impact during her tenure at LSU.

For football fans, Bealoved is the cherry on top the sundae, the icing on the cake, the peanut butter on the jelly (I don't think that one works but it still sounds good). Most recruiting insiders thought that Les Miles and the staff had a decent-sized lead to land Bealoved's brother, five-star cornerback Tony Brown, with the many connections the staff has with Tony, but to get his own flesh and blood in Baton Rouge gives the Tigers a huge lead in getting his signature. I would go into a scouting report of Brown, but this article is about Bealoved so I will wait until he commits to LSU to do that ;)

While we are only a few days away from kicking some horny frog ass in JerryWorld, LSU fans got a pre-jolt of happiness thanks to an assist from the NCAA Clearinghouse (feels weird giving them props but whatever). Bealoved will be a huge addition to a top-tier track team, but the waiting still continues for LSU football fans to receive the commitment from her uniquely-hairstyled brother to make his announcement that he will be bringing another shutdown cornerback into Death Valley