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A Flair for the Game: Kent State

Ladies and Gentlemen! Here to talk about this weekend's big showdown, the one, the only, the Nature Boy! Ric Flaaaaaair!

Mean Gene, I tell ya, they are LININ' UP! When the Nature Boy is in at home, doing the things he does best, EVERYBODY WANTS IN. We welcome ‘em from coast to coast! From Seattle, Washington to Morgantown, West Virginia. They all want to come get an up close and personal look at one of the best-conditioned athletes on God's green Earth.

And now we've got some newcomers in, all the way from Kent, Ohio. I can't tell ya much about you Golden Flashes, but I'll tell ya this! I didn't come here the EASY way! You don't drive a Mercedes-Benz, wear $5,000 shoes and have all those coeds lined up down Lakeshore Drive by lacin' up your boots and just walkin' out there! WOOOO No way! You gotta give the people a show that they'll pay good money to see from Indiana to Istanbul! And that's what the Nature Boy gives those 90,000 every week!

So here's how it's going to play out on Saturday night. Those lights are gonna come on, you're gonna find yourself surrounded by 90,000 people, and you're gonna be across. The ring. From greatness. And when they're all yellin' "SHOW ‘EM HOW IT'S DONE NAITCH!" You're gonna think "Oh boy, what am I in for." But keep calm, because Slick Rick is gonna take good care of you, and send you back to Ohio so you can tell all those milk-fed Midwesterners what it was like to styyyyyle and profiiiiile WOOOO! With the man.