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Playin' Nice: Kent State

Parker Perry of Hustle Belt answers a couple of questions on LSU's foray into #MACtion Saturday night.

1. Kent State found a way to win 11 games last season, and very nearly crashed the BCS. What's this year's team looking like so far under new head coach Paul Haynes?

After the season Kent State achieved, players entered this year with their eyes trained on a BCS spot. I had the privilege of talking to many of their leaders over the summer, and they constantly reminded me about how tough it was to watch Northern Illinois (who beat them in double overtime at the MAC Championship game) play in the Orange Bowl. They wanted to make a BCS bowl, bad.

All those dreams are now dashed. Being thoroughly beaten at the hands of Bowling Green Saturday, Kent State's season is now in limbo. It depends on how they rebound. I made a prediction that their season would sink if they lost to Bowling Green, and while I hope that is not the case it is becoming more and more possible as loses will pile up after LSU and Penn State.

2. What changes has Haynes made to the Golden Flashes on offense and defense?

I think Haynes wanted to keep the foundation that previous head coach Darrell Hazell built at Kent--and why not? It worked! It is tough to tell if things have changed as Dri Archer has been injured which has thrown the entire team for a loop.

Haynes has major coaching experience. He's worked at both Ohio State and Arkansas. He is also more defensive minded than offensive. He is a good coach, but I worry that he is going have a tough time keeping the threads from unraveling. It's just not looking up right now.

3. Anybody that watched Kent State last season saw how dangerous running back Dri Archer is. He's been hobbled through the first two weeks with ankle issues. Do you think he plays Saturday?

I do not know if he will play, but I really hope he does. Archer is one of the most entertaining, elusive college football player in the country. Even ya'll in SEC country can respect him.

I for one believe that he should have entered the NFL Draft last season. He could have been a fourth or fifth round pick. His stock will only go down this year.

4. Will there be much of a fan following coming south with the team, and if so, any expectations on that front?

Kent State is continually ridiculed in MAC circles for the lack of fan support. However, early returns this season have seen a rise in attendance. They broke the record for most students at a football game against Liberty. I am almost sure that there will not be a large contingent of fans for Kent State, but you may see a few.

5. LSU is heavily favored, but it's not like this is some Sun Belt tomato can coming to Tiger Stadium. This is #MACtion. What do Kent State fans expect to see on Saturday night?

Kent State fans are expecting nothing less than a blowout at the hands of the Tigers. Us #MACTION fans understand that there is a hierarchy in college football. Now we may get you in basketball, bring it!