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Have You Heard? LSU Is Recruiting Peoples (Weekly Roundup)

The weekly roundup in LSU recruiting is here. Get all caught up in the recent recruiting news.


Have you been in a cave this past week?  Maybe you're like me and your excitement for GTA V is so overwhelming you just can't focus on anything else.  Or maybe you just like having all of your recruiting info in one easy-to-carry compartment on a website.  Well, have no fear, I am here to keep you up to speed so you can sound cool around the water cooler.

Tony Brown Visits For UAB...Tony The Tiger Soon?

While the visitor list for the UAB game was very sparse due to an obvious blowout was going to occur on Saturday night, there was one huge visitor for the game.  5-star cornerback Tony Brown, sporting a walking boot due to a sprained ankle in his game, was spotted on the sidelines of the game, along with his glorious hair (yes, I am jealous that I can't shape my hair in the unique ways that he can).  If you haven't searched by now, I suggest you Google image search Tony Brown and look in an amazement at how he can get it.  If you guys comment enough on this article, Billy and PodKatt have assured me they would grow their hair out like that.

Sorry, got carried away with the hair (it is amazing though). Many in the recruiting world think that Tony is just enjoying the recruiting process and that this is a done deal.  When his sister Bealoved (awesome name by the way) was cleared to attend LSU, it pretty much shut the door for any other team.  I hate to use the word "lock" when it comes to recruiting due to the fluidity of the art of recruiting, but if he doesn't wind up at LSU, I will, since we are getting obsessed about hair up in here, shave my head and take a picture for all of you to see.

2014 Safety and Ole Miss Commit C.J. Hampton is Offered

The composite 4-star safety Ole Miss commit C.J. Hampton received an offer, which immediately threw up a red flag for some LSU recruiting followers.  Why are we offering another safety when Hootie Jones is still out there?  Does this mean Hootie is going to Alabama now?  It's been reported that Hampton and Hootie are pretty good friends, talk often and have discussed playing on the same college team.  Why two players that seem to be playing the same position at the next level would want to play together and potentially take playing time from each other is beyond me, but whatever floats your boat.  Some think Hootie may be moved to linebacker, but until they step foot on campus, no one really knows where they are going to play...just ask J.C. Copeland and Melvin Jones.

Some have thought also that Hampton may be considering a switch to Alabama, but the LSU offer may change things a little bit.  I think LSU has a slight lead for Hootie due to having old teammate John Diarse on the team, which I feel is bigger than Alabama having Cam Robinson.  Also, it sounds like his mom wants him closer to home and, unlike others who have disappointed their mothers recently and will go nameless, he is close to his mother.

2015 Linebacker Malik Jefferson Receives Offer...Is Blessed

Word on Twitter quickly rang throughout the message boards that composite 5-star linebacker Malik Jefferson out of Mesquite, Texas, picked up his 17th offer.  That offer came from the LSU Tigers and could play a huge part in his recruitment at the perfect time as he let it be know that the offer was a big one for him to get.

Texas and Texas A&M have been listed as his leaders for some time.  The problem?  Texas just fired his recruiter and defensive coordinator Manny Diaz after just TWO games.  I'll give you a second to calm down from your laughing at Texas' misery.  Better?  Okay good, let's get back to Jefferson.  LSU has done a good job sneaking into the DFW area and stealing a prospect or two every so often and Jefferson could be the next one.  When a linebacker gets an offer from John Chavis it begins to resonate a little more.  It will be an uphill battle to overcome those top two teams from Texas, but LSU should get into the thick of his recruitment.

2015 Defensive End and South Carolina Commit Arden Key Receives Offer

Composite 4-star 2015 defensive end Arden Key was recently offered by LSU, but looks like this will be a tough uphill battle to make him switch from his South Carolina pledge.  The 6'5" 200 lb. defensive end has a lot of athleticism and for a Georgia kid to commit this early to South Carolina speaks one thing: he really likes watching likely #1 pick Jadeveon Clowney.  At his size, you can bet the Gamecock coaches have been putting that comparison in his ear on numerous occasions and why wouldn't you be excited with something like that?

The one early glimmer of hope for other teams came from Clowney himself recently when he voiced his frustration with the defensive gameplan as he gets off to a very slow start to his junior, and final, campaign in college.  Regardless, the talent is there in Clowney and you have to think he will turn it around at some point and reheat that excitement that Key has in playing at South Carolina.  To LSU's credit, they recently put three defensive ends in the NFL this past NFL Draft and have another likely top-round candidate in Jermauria Rasco.  For now though, consider it a very uphill battle until more comes from Key on the LSU offer.

Speedy Noil and Gerald Willis Release Another Top 3...Are They Just Trolling?

Once again, Speedy and Gerald released their top 3 schools currently on Twitter, and once again, neither listed LSU.  Of course, this drew the ire of the Nega-Tigers and the recent burn from Cam Robinson selecting Alabama obviously had not left them poor wittle hearts.  However, those on the inside (myself NOT included), feel that the two are just playing the game, enjoying the process and having a little fun.  When your uncle is top recruiter Frank Wilson, that speaks volumes for Speedy Noil donning the purple & gold.  A lot of these recruits need to realize the allure of Johnny Manziel will be gone by the time they even reach Texas A&M if they went there

To those freaking out about these two, just take a deep breath, maybe step away from your computer for a little bit and let some of these kids have fun with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.  Not all recruits are going to commit to their favorite school and that's that.  I'm pretty sure if I was ever a recruit, like I am in my dream world, I think I would be doing the same thing they are.  Yeah, you might piss off some fanbases by leading them on, but in the end, you went on some visits to see some great games, enjoyed the attention and still went to your favorite school.

And that's that in the world of LSU recruiting offers and news.  In short, there isn't that much out there as the third weekend of the college football season starts up.  If LSU continues winning in this upcoming hellacious schedule that is approaching, expect these updates to get a lot larger and larger by the week.  Also, for those worried about the repercussions that may come from the Oklahoma State article, NEVER believe anything that comes from the hack writer Thayer Evans and his new full-of-s*** cohort George Dohrmann.  If you want to read real investigative sports journalism, go check out Charles Robinson on Yahoo.  His article isn't full of made up stories and unsubstantiated claims.  This will go to the wayside like the majority of SI's slam pieces.

With that, I bid you recruitniks ado until next week and let's go kick some Golden Flash ass, whatever a Golden Flash is.  GEAUX!!!