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A Flair For the Game: Auburn

Here to talk about the big showdown on Saturday night, the 16-time world heavy weight champion. Ladies and gentlemen -- Ric Flair!

WOOOOOO! Meeeeeeeean BYGOD Geeeeeeene. I tell you what they are HOT tonight! They love the Nature Boy in Louisiana, and why wouldn't they! They know championship material when they see it, and they love watching the best in this business.

And this week? Woo! They get a hot one. Auburn University, comin' to town, to rub elbows with greatness. You know, those boys over at Auburn, they like to worry about what other people have. Colors, team name, there ain't nothin' about ‘em that's original. They spend all their time worrying about what their neighbor down the street is up to, WOOO that sometimes they don't even know what's goin' on in their own house.

Now, where are they coming to? The big house, on the big side of town! Long limousines! Jet air planes! Coeds, LIIIIIIINED UP to catch a ride on Space Mountain! I tell ya this much Auburn! You better not worry about the three-piece suits and the $10,000 Rolex; you better worry about the finely conditioned athlete that's under all this.

And I'm gonna tell you something you might not know about me Gene! The Nature Boy! Does. His Best work. At night! That's something they don't understand in the state of Alabama! WOO! Real men. Stay up. Those pretty blonde bama beauties y'all got at home? They tell you they like dressin' up in their orange and blue, shakin' their pom-poms and they tell you that Saturday afternoons are fun. But what they really want is to wait 'til the sun goes down and hit the town with a man WOOOO! That knows how to style and profiiile! A man that's custom made from head to toe! A man that takes ‘em to a five-star restaurant, the hottest night club in town and WOO! Dance alllll night long!

So this Saturday night, Auburn, when you come into the Nature Boy's back yard! When you brush with greatness! You pay attention, because you just might learn something about what life in the big time is like! A trick or two for you to take home to the missus. I'm afraid I can't help you with the match, but let's be real clear. When you head back to Alabama with that tail tucked between your legs, everybody's gonna know what you look like when you mess with the man.