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The Poseur Top 25

And a bonus SEC Power Poll!

See, UGA. We even celebrate better than you. Notice the lack of torn ACL's.
See, UGA. We even celebrate better than you. Notice the lack of torn ACL's.
Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

Without a BlogPoll this year, I'm going to publish my SEC Power Poll ballot, mainly because I can't keep all of these bon mots to myself. A top 25 poll will then follow, with analysis on a few interesting teams.

SEC Power Poll

1 ALABAMA. The Tide showed that their team is flawed, just like every other team in the history of college football. In showing those flaws, they won by 25 points.

2 SOUTH CAROLINA. Depends on your opinion of UNC, but South Carolina absolutely mud-holed a pretty good team.

3 LSU. You mean, the Tigers decided to dress out this year? Shocking development.

4 GEORGIA. Lost to a top ten team on the road by a field goal. So obviously, they totally suck.

5 TEXAS A&M. I don't care that Manziel engages in trash talk, I do mind that he did it against Rice. Have some friggin' standards.

6 FLORIDA. You can still rank the top six in almost any order you want. That trendy Toledo upset pick didn't pan out, huh?

7 AUBURN. Looked surprisingly competent.

8 OLE MISS. This is what we like to call a pyrrhic victory.

9 VANDERBILT. Do moral victories still count in Nashville?

10 ARKANSAS. I'm legitimately shocked on how good they looked against UL Lafayette.

11 MISSISSIPPI ST. Okie State is a good team and the Bulldogs hung with them for a good portion of the game before going down in defeat. I detect a theme.

12 TENNESSEE. A win's a win. The rebuild starts now!

13 MISSOURI. Thank God for Kentucky.

14 KENTUCKY. It was a struggle, but at least they got the win over the directional sch-wait, what?! If you watch the tape of the game, you can see the moment hope dies.

TOP 25

1 Clemson
2 Bama

No one has a better resume than Clemson right now. I do think Bama's demise is being greatly exaggerated, as people are just realizing that the team isn't perfect. But since I never thought they were perfect, I'm not too concerned with their predictable growing pains on the line. Still, Clemson takes the top spot by being an elite team with a huge win.

3 Oregon
4 South Carolina
6 Florida St
7 Oklahoma St.

If OSU found a defense and LSU found an offense, college football is about to be in deep trouble. That's a big if.

8 Stanford
9 Wisconsin
10 Georgia
11 Texas A&M
12 Notre Dame
13 Ohio St

Boy, did that win not inspire confidence. Ohio St was one fortunate illegal hands to the face penalty from being in deep trouble.

14 Louisville
15 Baylor
16 Florida
17 Texas
18 Oklahoma
19 Arizona St
20 Northwestern

Cool unis, by the way.

21 Washington
22 TCU
23 Georgia Tech
24 USC
25 Virginia Tech

That defense is legit. Unfortunately, it is paired with an awful offense and even worse special teams.