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It's Never Too Early: Dylan Moses Makes The Call To LSU!!!

At the age of 15, Dylan Moses is already the most hyped recruit to come out of the state of Louisiana, and he just started high school last month. That was no hindrance for him when he decided to end his college recruitment and make the call to LSU.

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Spor

When I was 15, I was working on getting my learner's permit to take the next step to being the first kid in my class to get his driver's license the following year and run the mean streets of Flower Mound, Texas, like a boss. Okay, maybe they aren't that mean but just go with it for the sake of my coolness. Others, however, are getting a cover and main story of ESPN The Magazine, being discussed on numerous college boards across the nation, making their presence felt on respective campuses, and being treated like they will be joining college next year. Dylan Moses is only 15, and he is already receiving that praise. LSU fans were happy when his father, known as jrevonte to those who follow on the message boards, was giving updates on each of Dylan's visits. That happiness grew exponentially on Sunday when Dylan decided to commit to LSU, potentially ending a process that would be just getting underway for most other recruits.

Physically, he looks like a tenured college football player, until you read he is 15 years old and it is just shocking. The even scarier thing? There may be one more growth spurt left. I'm no physician or anything, but I do know most males have a growth spurt between 15-17. He likely just got started in a high school weight-lifting program and will only get stronger as he advances through high school.

Where Will He Play Though?

2017 Rb/Lb Dylan Moses 2013 U-High Cubs Preseason Highlights (via jrevonte)

Normally when we write these articles, there is a general understanding of a kid's future position in college. Normally, we are writing articles about guys that are 17-18 and are nearing the end of high school. At his current size, Moses is most likely going to be a RB on the offensive side or a LB on the defensive side. If another growth spurt occurs, he may be putting a hand down to be a d-lineman. Either way, the sky is the limit for this kid.

Going off of the brief film we have on him, outside of his earlier stuff beating up other teams as a U-High Middle Cub, he already shows solid speed and great athleticism. He has a good nose for the ball playing on defense and has no problem making plays from the linebacker position. As a running back, he can spot the holes early and hit them strong where he can then use his speed to break away.

It's a little hard to offer a scouting report on someone that is going to grow a lot in the coming years as a high school player, especially with the coaching he will receive at a prolific school like U-High, which currently boasts two other LSU commits in Nick Brossette and Garrett Brumfield, not to mention other past recruits.

The one thing that you need to know: THIS KID IS GOOD!!! While LSU fans will have to wait awhile before he dons the purple & gold, it should be fun and more easy to follow his growth during his high school days. Yes, plenty of things can change between now and National Signing Day in 2017, but this family grew up LSU fans, they were all LSU even when visiting the various schools they took in, and the message-board father always maintained we had nothing to worry about. I see this one sticking and will be a HUGE recruiting tool for Les Miles and Co. to have this kid helping reel in top talent over the next four years to have the chance to play with a recruit of his caliber.

So Dylan, jrevonte (Edward Jr.) and the Moses family, Congratulations for the incredible accomplishment and feeling this must be. The LSU faithful will be anxiously waiting his arrival in Death Valley.