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A Flair For the Game: Georgia

Ladies and gentlemen, my guest, here to talk about Saturday’s Clash in the Classic City, the one, the only, Nature Boy Ric Flair.

Tony Schiavone, when they ask me about my favorite cities, I tell ya Athens, Georgia is always up there on the list. Dinner at the Five & Ten, drinks at 40 Watt. They always break out the velvet ropes when I show up at the Speakeasy, because the people pack in wall to wall!. And just when the co-eds find that Slick Ric is in town, the streets are jam-packed, because they all want to get a look. WOOOOO!

/slow turns for the crowd



You know, the state of Georgia has been real kiiiiind to Ric Flair over the years. A lot of success. You don't get to dress like you're in the big time, unless you're winnin' in the big time. And when people hear they hear the name Ric Flair in the Peach State, WOOOO! They know that things are takin' place!

Now the University of Georgia, is a fine academic institution. One of the best that the Southeastern Conference has to offer! But Bulldogs, you're about to step on to the field with one of the finest athletes on God's green Earth! That's right! Under this Armani suit and these alligator shoes is the stuff that championships are made of. This ain't no hairy, slobberin' mutt that sits on his backside on top a bag of ice! WOOOOO! They don't know nothin' 'bout what the Nature Boy likes to do between those hedges! The girls line up out the door all the way down to Field Street when Space Mountain sets up shop!

And brother, that is EXACTLY what's going to happen this Saturday. Georgia, the Nature Boy is blowin' into town, and he's here to conduct business. He's here to put a show for 90,000 fans of the Southeastern Conference, the number-one organization in collegiate sports. He's here WOOOO! to style and profile for that looong line of lovely ladies. And he's here to show a bunch of filthy, smelly mongrels, what it takes to be the best in this business.