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Ten Potentially True Facts: Georgia

Learn yourself something new about the Bulldogs of the University of Georgia!

Hello friends! The ATVS team has researched and compiled ten Grade-A, 100% pure facts about this week's opponent, the Georgia Bulldogs! We hope you learn a lot about this fine university!

  1. Georgia plays its home games at Sanford Stadium, or "between the hedges," as Sanford's sidelines are lined with hedges. This tradition began in 1929 and was deemed temporary, but became permanent once the Great Depression began, and UGA could no longer afford to have them trimmed. The tradition stuck, and the hedges have claimed many victims of the years.
  1. Uga VI, the university's prized white English bulldog, has actually been a variation of this Japanese breed of dog since 2009. You can tell because he doesn't lie on a bag of ice to keep cool anymore.
  1. UGA's orientation leaders made a bid at pop stardom in 2010, and it went wrong. Horribly wrong.
  1. Georgia's campus has an arch which, at one time, freshmen could not pass through. Upper classmen would reprimand them for doing so. The last freshman to do so disappeared for a year before resurfacing as a famous actor that channeled his anger and disappointment with himself into some of Hollywood's most memorable performances. To this day he does not speak about what happened to him for passing through the arch.
  1. Athens is also home to some great music, most notably the college rock gods REM, new wavers The B-52's, and exceptional jam band Widespread Panic. Widespread Panic recently scheduled two homecoming shows in Athens last July. Lead singer and guitarist John Bell has been soloing on "Fishwater" for about two months now, and is scheduled to end sometime in October.
  1. Former Georgia (and now ESPN commentator) David Pollack has been cited as having a motor that never stops running. Scientists believe Pollack holds the key to developing the first perpetual motion machine, or that Pollack is actually Dr. Manhattan. BONUS FACT: some scientists are really stupid.
  1. UGA's Redcoat Band plays a slow version of its fight song, "Glory, Glory," during its pregame ceremonies. A single trumpet soloist plays the first seven notes from the upper deck, also one of my favorite SEC traditions. However, in the past it was completely appropriate for the student section to yell "NNNNEEEEEERRRRRDDDD!" as he did this.
  1. Famous professional wrestler turned actor Bill Goldberg attended the University of Georgia and played football as a defensive tackle. When asked his feelings on the new targeting rules, Goldberg responded by driving to Indianapolis, throwing Mark Emmert through his desk, and screaming "DID I LEAD WITH THE CROWN, MARK?"
  1. Chef Alton Brown also attended the University of Georgia, earning his degree in drama. Known for his cooking acumen, Brown was put on probation for a year after burning down his dorm building whilst cooking Coq au Vin as a freshman.
  1. Lee Corso brought two of Uga VII's younger relatives with him to the set of College Gameday in week one of this season. UGA officials have been rather miffed since Corso has not returned them. Let's be honest, would you?

Thanks for reading, and we'll see you between the hedges!