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Monday Press Lunch - Week 2 vs. UAB

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

Really not a whole lot interesting here today...starts at the 19:50 mark...Miles singles out UAB WR Jamarcus Nelson as one to watch out for (10 catches for 199yds and 2 TDs in loss to Troy last week)...mentions Diarse, Boone, and Dural as WRs he'd like to see step up as the 3rd and 4th receivers...Tahj Jones and Travis Dickson both held out of last weeks game with no reason given, Miles says they'll be back this week...asked about throwing on first down and reiterates that he wants to keep a balanced attack...asked about Hill "We'll put him on the field, I guess I should say, when we're ready. I think he's coming. I think his time is in front of us."...asked about starting 8 true freshman last week and mentions Tre'Davious White, Rickey Jefferson, Lewis Neal, Tashawn Bower, and Jeryl Brazil as freshman who could all see significant playing time soon. Specifically on QB Anthony Jennings: "Anthony Jennings should certainly have played a little bit more than one snap, we think"...Anthony Johnson is fine...was asked about how his first game working with Cam Cameron went: "Any awkward moments (laughing)? There are always awkward moments. We're down in our own red zone and we decided to change personnel to make the call. That was an awkward moment, okay. Those things happen. Those things are all part of it. There is no -- I enjoy the working relationship as well as the personal one."

Full Transcript [PDF]

LSU Release [PDF] (Depth Chart is unchanged from week 1)

SEC Release [PDF]

UAB Release [PDF]

CUSA Release [PDF]

UAB Press conference - UAB plans to play both QBs this weekend - Beckham Jr. Named to Hornung Honor Roll - Collins Named SEC Offensive Lineman of the Week - Football Moves Into AP Top 10 - LSU Tigers in the NFL -- 53-Man Rosters

DT Ego Ferguson

S Craig Loston

CB Jalen Collins

RB Terrence Magee

WR Jarvis Landry