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A Flair for the Game: UAB

Ladies and gentlemen, here to talk about the big return to Tiger Stadium this Saturday, 16-time world heavyweight champion. A round of applause please, for the Nature Boy, Ric Flair!

You know, when you're a world traveler like I am. When you're in demand, EVERYWHERE you go WOO! People want a piece. They want you to hang your hat. Settle down. They say "Champ! Please don't leave! We need ya!" But sometimes, you just have to touch base.

Baton Rouge is home. It's where the heart is. My million-dollar home. My closet full of $3,000 suits, my drawer full of Rolex watches, and WOOOO a seven-car garage. Mercedes-Benz! Maserati! Ferrari! Cadillac! WOOOOOOOO!! You name it!

And now is the time. The lights are on, and the people want their show. And the Nature Boy is not. About. To disappoint. Alabama-Birmingham, you ain't the first, but you can damn sure be next. I know you're not your big brother, but that's okay, you'll do just fine. You're about to get a real up-close look at one of the best conditioned athletes. The best looking man. The best dressed man. WOOOOOOO! Championship material I tell ya!

And when carry your carcass back up I-59 and your big brothers ask you "tell us what it was like?!" You're only gonna be able to tell ‘em "brothers, I just went toe to toe with the best, and I just don't know that you're ready!"