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Fantasy Tailgate League - UAB vs. LSU

Time for us to do what we do best, throw one kickin' party.

Ronald Martinez

Okay guys, it's the first home game weekend so it's time to bust out that old grill and get to tailgating!  If you are anything like me, you look forward to the tailgating as much as the game itself.

I'm calling this series FANTASY TAILGATE LEAGUE for a reason.  As LSU fans, we know we are the best at tailgating.  This little corner of ATVS will allow us to compare our tailgates and see who truly rules the tailgating roost.  Until we prove it, it's just some fantasy in our heads.  Attempts to creatively outdo each other will get you bonus points, high fives, and envious looks.  I will openly acknowledge that I am not the best tailgater (giving up the fight rather easily), but giving me something to shoot for is always a good thing.

Now as a good Tiger fan, you probably have all your tailgating plans laid out in advance and are ready for the weekend.  I've got what I consider the four essential categories for a good tailgate: Beer, Cocktails, Food, and Music.  I'll share my picks for each with you every week before a home game and let you know how I plan on enjoying myself before kickoff.  I'll also relay the aftermath of anything that may have happened in the following weeks preview.  You always get at least one or two good stories out of each tailgate.

I like to support local products, so when I can I'll plug them because LOUISIANA THAT'S WHY! I'm not paid in any way by the people that make these products.

Part 1: STARTER BEER OF THE CENTURY OF THE WEEK (not really, but whatever)

This is the good beer you drink before your taste buds completely shut down.  Since it is going to be hot as hell on Saturday (93 degrees to be exact), I want to drink something light and refreshing that gives me the illusion that I'm cooling myself off.  So the starter beer is:

Tin Roof Blonde Ale!


Tin Roof Blonde Ale fits this mold perfectly.  It's perfect for a hot Louisiana day.  And at 4.5% abv, you can drink a few without many ill effects.  This was the beer that was supposed to be the LSU branded beer last year, but LSU decided that it's fans and alumni didn't really need any help getting inebriated.

Part 2: Cocktail of the Week

Not everyone likes beer, and not everyone can drink bourbon straight.  So you need to have a good cocktail ready.

Cocktails can be tricky.  You want something that tastes good, but isn't overly complicated so it's easy to make while you are hanging out with your friends.   Again, it's going to be hot as stink, so bourbon is probably not the way to go this weekend (even though it is my liquor of choice).  Therefore, this week's cocktail will be rum based.  I'm going with a simple classic, a daiquiri.  No, not that over flavored strawberry crap.  A simple, easy to make daiquiri.

-        1 1/2 oz light rum

-        3/4 oz lime juice

-        3/4 oz simple syrup

Pour all that in a shaker with ice, shake the heck out of it for a while, strain into a cup, and you have a classic daiquiri.  Easily enjoyed by all!

Now on to the rum you should be using:


I live in Acadiana and this area seems to be going through a rum producing explosion.  There are now three rums brands that are distilled in the Acadiana area that I know of.  I haven't tried them all yet, but I have tried Bayou Silver Rum and it is delicious.  It's not cheap, but it isn't too expensive at 22 dollars a bottle.  I've also got a bottle of Sweet Crude Rum, which is made in Lafayette.  I haven't tried the Sweet Crude yet, but I'll get back to you and let you know which one makes the better daiquiri.


Now, I don't handle the food.  I can cook, but I am definitely not the best at it.  Besides, the guy at my tailgate is a pretty awesome cook, so I proudly present the weekend menu.

-        Burgers because BEEF

-        Venison Backstrap

-        Smoked Deer Sausage

-        Green Onion Venison Sausage

Basically, all your deer are belong to us.  Only one reaction is appropriate.


Good music always makes a tailgate more fun.  Since we are playing UAB this weekend, we need to acknowledge that the last time UAB came to Tiger Stadium they beat the Tigers 13-10.  Well, it's time for some revenge and we are looking for a fight.  Not in a mean spirited kind of way, but for some reason we are out to kick some ass and take names.  And we are going to have a damn good time doing it.  Band to listen to: Dropkick Murphys.

There you have it ATVSers.  Let us know what your tailgating plans are for the weekend!