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First Impressions: LSU 56, UAB 17

Oh my God, Odell.

You may all kneel before your new overlord. Wu. Tang. ODB.
You may all kneel before your new overlord. Wu. Tang. ODB.
Stacy Revere

Odell Beckham.

That's really all you need to say, right? Odell f'n Beckham. I'm sorry for ever suggesting that Jarvis Landry was the best receiver on the team. This isn't to say Landry isn't a hell of a player (who incidentally added another highlight reel catch to his resume tonight), but oh my Lord.

Odell Beckham had himself a football game, didn't he? 5 catches for 136 yards and 3 TD's doesn't quite accurately convey how terrific of a game he had. He also tacked on a 109 yard return of a missed field goal attempt, and how often do you get see that? He finished the game with 316 total yards, including four touchdowns. He had more yards than the UAB offense all by his lonesome, and he's a wide receiver.

There's some things you could complain about tonight. UAB did gain nearly 300 yards, which is about a hundred too many. LSU went up 28-0, and then promptly let the Blazers back into the game. UAB was able to move the ball fairly consistently for most of the night, and that's not a great sign moving forward.

But who are we kidding? This game was a rout from the word go. LSU did take a 21-0 lead in the first quarter and got the score up to 28 before taking their foot off the gas. Once UAB cut the lead to 35-17, LSU came out of the halftime break by scoring 21 points in the third quarter, just as they had in the first.

The only thing interesting in the second half of this game, other than seeing how many different ways Beckham could score, was wondering which QB would come in for Zach Mettenberger (Anthony Jennings, who promptly fumbled).

Mett had a near perfect night, throwing for 282 yards on 16 of 19 attempts. The five touchdowns didn't hurt either. Jeremy Hill finally got to see action again, and looks like the team's best runner by a fairly wide margin. Though, to be fair, Jerry Brazil had some nice runs in limited action, as did Kenny Hilliard. the running back depth is officially insane.

But, all in all, it was an easy win that lacked any sort of drama. Let's face it, we needed a game like that. This team is beginning to walk that walk, but before we go full Delusional Optimism, let's all say it together:

It's just UAB. It's just UAB. It's just UAB.