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Monday Press Lunch - Week 3 vs Kent St

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Begins at 22 minute mark...Paul Dietzel is home from the hospital and pleased with the leader that Odell Beckham Jr has become this season...credits special teams coach Thomas McGaughey for noticing that the long UAB FG might be returnable and getting ODB in position... team practices returning a FG about once a artful dodge of a "When will Jeremy Hill start?" question...liked the play of freshmen corners Tre'Davious White and Rashard Robinson...wants to get the running game back up to speed, but isn't too concerned about it yet...Anthony Johnson is "nicked" but does not have a shoulder injury...asked about getting Anthony Jennings more snaps, Miles got specific: "I'd like to get 60 or 65 to Zach, and I'd like to get 15 to Anthony.  That would be on a wish list, well behind, not to compete with victory as the first piece."...Craig Loston also "nicked", will play...Obligatory Connor Neighbors question...hints at Micah Eugene getting more playing time...isn't happy about all of the missed tackles.

There were no questions about the Okie St mess.

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