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Link Gumbo - 1/10/14

**Ed. Note: Welcome our newest contributor, Jake Nazar, everybody!**

Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Tiger Rag has a piece on potential motivations for Jeremy Hill staying in school and not going to the NFL. Hill seems to be genuinely concerned, or interested as to how he will be received when he leaves Baton Rouge. Hill does not want to be seen as the "troubled thug" some portrayed him as after the now notorious bar fight incident back in April of last year. The article has quotes from Hill in reflection about the incident and what he's learned.

More on Jeremy Hill staying in school and on potential returnees, Hill is trying to convince offensive lineman La'el Collins, a HS friend of Hill's, and Trai Turner to return to school with him for their Senior and Junior seasons respectively. Collins is said to be wrestling with his decision to return, while The Advocate just says Hill is trying to convince Trai Turner to return as well. Turner joined Athletes' Performance, a company which helps train athletes in preparation for the NFL Draft.

Pontiff Classic tickets will be going on sale Monday, with the Tigers once again taking on Southern Miss at Zephyr Field in April, Tuesday the 15th, at 7:00 PM.

More on the ticket front, Men's Basketball tickets are on sale starting today for the game vs Kentucky. Tickets go on sale 8 a.m., at the LSU ticket office, and Game is Tuesday January 28th, 8 p.m. CST, at the PMAC of course. If you don't manage to go, game will be nationally televised by ESPN as part of their Super Tuesday slate.

Below, we have a nice gallery there for your viewing pleasure.