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And the Valley Drinks: Parish Brewing's South Coast Amber Ale

We’ve already talked about Parish Brewing’s top offering, but how about one of their everyday beers?

Billy Gomila

Parish Brewing is a small outfit out of Broussard, La. that has really made some waves in the local craft brewing community in the last few years. Their Grand Reserve, as dr.Awesome documented, is considered one of, if not the, top beer in the state. And their Canebrake wheat ale has become one of the more readily available local crafts at lots of area watering holes.

And Parish has continued to expand their line into some new brews, including South Coast, described as a "session amber ale."

Parish South Coast is brewed with a variety of toasty caramel malts in harmony with a delicious hop taste and aroma. This session brew can be enjoyed one after another.

Slow ya roll and enjoy!

I also enjoy the redfish-themed logo. This is available in 6-pack bottles, or in kegs.


This beer has a similar amber color to Abita's flagship, but that's where the similarities end. The bouquet is incredibly hoppy, and kind of citrusy, and you really taste it on the front side, and those hops come through only slightly on the front end of the taste, along with the roasted malts. In some ways, it's similar to Abita's Jockamo IPA, although it certainly doesn't have that IPA bite. The flavor actually kind of fades into the cane syrup-y sweetness you might be used to if you enjoy Canebrake. It's a beer that really improves by the taste, which does make it quite a good session beer. As does the 5.4 percent alcohol by volume. Overall, I give this beer a solid 3.5 stars.