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Reader Poll: The Best Of Series

Getting the readers' opinions on the "Best Of" the Miles era.

Chris Graythen

Alright, alright, alright... the crew and I have been kicking around an idea behind the scenes, and we'd love to get YOU all involved.

So here's the deal. This will be two separate pieces/rankings.

1) Top 15 Players of the Les Miles Era

No restrictions on this. The player does NOT have to have been recruited by Miles to be considered a "Miles" player. So players like Dorsey, Flynn, Russell, etc. all count.

What criteria you use to determine the best are up to you. Simply reply in the comments "Top 15 Players" and list them 1-15, in order of best on down.

2) Top 15 Games of the Les Miles Era

Again, no set criteria. If you more heavily weight championships, have at it. If you think a loss was the best, that's your discretion.

Same protocol here. Replay in the comments "Top 15 Games" and list them 1-15 in order of best on down.

No need for explanations on either, just a simple list will suffice.

In a couple of weeks we will come back with the results, listing a composite of the writers rankings with some commentary on each player/game, as well as a simple list of the composite of the reader vote.

Since I'm doing the tallying, for my sake, please reply with two separate comments. Make the title of your comment "Top 15 Players" and "Top 15 Games."

For the players, I'm eyeing a January 24th deadline. Any submissions beyond that date probably won't get looked at.

For the games, I'm eyeing a January 31st deadline. Any submissions beyond that date probably won't get looked at.

Questions? Confusion? Let me know.