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#BugaNation Is Moving From St. Aug To LSU!!!

5-star running back according to every single recruiting service that you can find Leonard Fournette out of St. Augustine High School announced his intentions to attend LSU during the Under Armour All-American Game. What does LSU get? Well, come on inside and take a look.

2014 RB Leonard Fournette 2013 season highlights (via Prep1Force)

Normally, I start off these commitment articles with a paragraph on getting to know the recruit a little better and a lead-up to the video that comes later on in the article.  When it comes to Leonard Fournette, unless you have been living in a cave or under a rock for about the past 5 years, then you know who this kid is.  You don't even have to follow LSU recruiting to know who this running back is.  He has drawn comparisons to Adrian Peterson, who may be the only running back to come out of high school better than Fournette in the last 10-15 years, and if there was a rule allowing high schoolers to go straight to the NFL, he would be one of very few that I could see making that jump.

Les Miles created an "all in" situation when he did not bring in a single running back in the 2013 class, turning away guys like Adam Taylor out of Katy, Texas, to make sure that there was no hindrance in getting his commitment.  Miles even went so far as to make cryptic statements as to why he didn't. He did take a look at his depth chart and realized he needed more than just Fournette at running back in this class however and first took Sione Palelei to be a complement to Fournette's style.  Things weren't meant to be and Palelei exited and SEC-style bruiser Darrell Williams took his place.  Either way, neither of these backs were ever going to be enough to make Fournette a little skeptical, especially seeing how many running backs Alabama was taking.  The Crimson Tide were the only real competition that LSU faced with Fournette, but even that wasn't a big battle to win.

What Does Fournette Bring?

Umm...did you not watch that video up above?  Fournette is the starter at running back from the first day he steps on campus, assuming Jeremy Hill enters the NFL Draft.  Things may not be as easy if Hill does return for his junior season,which would then form more than likely the best 1-2 punch in college football.  Either way, Fournette will be a huge force for the Tigers once he dons the pads.  Even in just the first clip of his highlights he fakes THREE different defenders out with one move, breaks a tackle, outruns a few others who think they have an angle, then fakes one more defender out before finding the end zone.  He catches passes out of the backfield and lined up as a receiver.  There are a couple instances there where he just runs over defenders and runs right through their tackle attempts.

Simply put, the kid is amazing.

The Many Weaknesses Of Fournette




(Credit to the amazing LSUFreek for these gifs!!!  And no disrespect Donnie Alexander, I think you will be a great LB still)

Oh sorry, I got distracted continuously watching these two gifs.  C'mon, seriously?  You really thought there would be weaknesses after watching that video up top and these two gifs?  For shame people.

The Future Is Bright

Anthony Jennings/Brandon Harris/whoever else may start at quarterback will be happy to know they will have this guy lined up behind them for the next three years (let's just face facts, Fournette isn't red-shirting and I highly doubt he won't be here his senior year unless something drastic happens).  When it comes to the most impressive recruit to come around, you have to put Fournette in that conversation.  Like I mentioned before, this guy is NFL-ready right now and I can imagine Frank Wilson is doing backflips watching this Under Armour game and realizing his job just got a good bit easier.  LSU fans know who he is, the SEC will soon know who he is, and it's only a matter of time before the whole nation knows who Leonard "Buga" Fournette is.  Just enjoy the ride.