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Follow the Buzzards to Auburn...

Auburn…we’re comin’…

Beware of the false prophet. For he will come to you like a wolf in sheep's clothing.

I grew up in a church-goin' family. They would take me there and...things spoke to me.

But never the people. They stood there. Wearin' their finest clothes. Always out in front, throwin' their arms around and screamin'. Causin' a scene. Being seen. They always looked down on us. They saw is in our rags. We didn't have much in my family. Just poor folks from down by the river. They never let us forget that.

"Have a blessed day!" But they reserved the real blessings for themselves. For the people that lived in fancy houses. That drove nicer cars.

I learned to hate being "blessed."

But now...I lead my own flock. Now, those people don't have to hide how they really feel! They call us...vile things...drunkards! Heathens! THEY SAY THAT I AM A LIAR -- BUT BROTHERS AND SISTERS, IT IS WE THAT KNOW THE TRUTH!

They say that I am a false prophet...but I know what a false prophet sounds like...they speak real smooth, like butter. BUT WAR IS IN THEIR HEARTS...words seem are softer than oil, yet will cut you like a double-edged sword. They will speak of blessings to your face AND CURSE YOU WHEN YOUR BACK IS TURNED! I let them go. For they are the blind, leading the blind. Both will fall into the abyss.

Prophets...HA! I am no prophet! No stone-aged man! But I have the potential of a superman! To live on! To endure against ALL OF MY ENEMIES! FOR I KNOW THE THAT THE SHEEP LEADING A PACK OF WOLVES IS NOT TO BE FEARED!

It is the wolf...leading a flock of sheep.

You see Auburn I know exactly what I am. Maybe I'm not blessed like you, but I AM THE EATER OF WORLDS! THE FLAIL OF HIS WRATH! If you had not sinned...he would not have sent me upon you.

Follow the buzzards...