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1st Annual Paul Crewe SEC Survivor Pool

Can I kick it? Yes, you can!

Six weeks in and only 13 are left standing. Survivor is a cold-hearted mistress. Bama took down many of you, gleefully, this week. A pick or two for South Carolina and a couple no picks and here we are at 13 finalists. I guess I should really pick what type of prize. Case of Natty Light? Gift card to Kohl's? Naming rights to my first born? A Will Muschamp autographed football?

This Week's Games

Another fairly nasty slate. The good teams are either playing on the road, or playing another good team. The bad teams are playing FCS schools. Guessing this is the week a bunch of people make the Kentucky plunge, though Kentucky doesn't look nearly as vulnerable as in past years. That said, coming off an emotional upset last week, are they due for a let down game? Will it even matter against a ULM team that even poor poor LSU was able to easily dispatch of?

Louisiana-Monroe @ Kentucky
#13 Georgia @ #23 Missouri
#2 Auburn @ #3 Mississippi State
#7 Alabama @ Arkansas
LSU @ Florida
#3 Ole Miss @ #14 Texas A&M