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First Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 8

Only 11 remain as we enter week 8.

Down to the final 11. Goodbye DrJBH, you forgot to pick. Goodbye, ArmyTiger, you went full Aggie, never go full Aggie.

Unpredictably, this one went heavy Kentucky. Probably a sound strategy. Bama squeaked out a close one vs. Arkansas, that could have seen several more eliminated, but they play on.

This Week's Games

#21 Texas A&M vs. #7 Alabama
#10 Georgia @ Arkansas
Missouri @ Florida
Tennessee @ #3 Ole Miss
Kentucky @ LSU

It just feels weird typing "#3 Ole Miss." So I expect them to lose. This is foreign territory and they forgot their passports. Georgia seems like the safest pick, but a lot blew their UGA load early. LSU probably right in that mix, but do we trust them yet? Of course, Bama will prolly beat the snot out of what's proven to be a tremendously overrated Aggie squad. Then again, Kenny Trill will probably be Kenny Heisman on that secondary. You guys might want to start making phone calls to see if you can get Furman into the FBS before Saturday.