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Playin' ... "Nice" ... : A Sea of Blue

Alex Scutchfield is back to totally not deal with "basketball school" jokes.

1. So when Stoops first took over, how long did it take before Kentucky fans stopped asking him why the players don't perform layup drills before every game?

Oddly enough, Joker Philips had his own version of the layup line that Stoops slowly got rid of and seems to have eliminated altogether this year. It was what we called our pass defense. A little known fact Joker was way ahead of the curve when it came to Coach Cal's recruiting combine. His was just our punters (consistently outstanding, it has been noted) kicking to Randall Cobb over and over.

2. Is it true that Ashley Judd only goes to UK basketball games because she's worried she'll never be able to resist the raw sex appeal of Jared Lorenzen?

Don't underestimate the Hefty Lefty in the love department. He's newly single, and universally beloved in the Commonwealth. Little known fact (not actually a fact), Ashley quit coming to UK basketball games for a while and word was she was following Stanley Roberts around Europe for the better part of the 1990s. So this sort of thing isn't without precedent.

3. Any chance the blue-tied bro from the Bluegrass Miracle will make it into Baton Rouge this year?

I'd like to think that bro is somewhere at age 35 saddled with two kids and a 9-5 job and attends away games even less often than I do now. True story, that game led to one of my signature phrases that I used for a few years thereafter. The minute Henderson crossed the goal line I looked at my wife and said, "If I wasn't so drunk I would cry."

4. Do you think Guy Morris just collapses into a sobbing mess of tears anytime somebody dumps a bucket of Gatorade on him now?

Considering he spent the last 2 years of his coaching career with consecutive 1-9 seasons at something called Texas A&M Commerce, and finished there with an overall 10-31 record, I'm guessing the Gatorade bath hasn't been much of an issue in Guy's life lately. By the same token, I don't think Les Miles will get a lot of Gatorade baths at Michigan in the coming years.

5. May I leave you with a suggestion?  Six words: Boyd Crowder, head of NCAA compliance.

I'm going with Wynn Duffy all the way.