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First Impressions: LSU 41-3 Kentucky

Now THAT was a vintage LSU performance.....

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

After two consecutive road games, with wildly different outcomes, LSU returned home in a must win game against Kentucky. This wasn't your usual Kentucky team, and the build-up was different than previous games against the Wildcats. The expectation was that this could be a difficult game, and some members of the media even picked UK to pull the upset. It ended up just as so many other LSU-Kentucky games have though, with the Tigers blowing out the Wildcats. Another year, another bowl. Now to some thoughts.

  • LSU had just the start you would've wanted. 10 points before Kentucky had even touched the ball twice. The special teams had two nice returns as well, which was welcomed after last week's debacle
  • It was also encouraging to see LSU sniffing out the Wildcat and Zone Read sets in the early going.
  • Jamal Adams is a bad, bad man.
  • Tre White's score was LSU's first punt return TD since Odell Beckham in 2012.
  • Defense performed pretty well overall in the 1Q. UK finally got something going on their 3rd drive, but some good red zone D held them to 3.
  • When the OL went through the process of blocking, Anthony Jennings made some solid 3rd Down throws. When they didn't......
  • The LSU D gave up some holes on the ground late in the half, but overall they played really well. Towles was never set on a lot of his throws, and giving up only 3 points is always a +.
  • Unintentional onside kicks are great.
  • Anthony Jennings was adequate in the first half. Didn't turn it over, made some quality throws, and the TD throw to Dural was great.
  • Terrance Magee had a great game, both receiving and rushing. Don't forget about #18.
  • Jamal Adams is a bad, bad man.
  • I saw offensive targeting called in the KSU-OU game today, and it absolutely should've been called on a hit on Kendell Beckwith late in the 3Q. Clear as day.
  • Brandon Harris' INT was bad.
  • The crowd sucked. Even worse was leaving the game early. Stay and at least make the team feel like you care. I don't care that it was a blowout W. Stay for 4 and cheer on the team the whole way.
  • 15 straight seasons making a bowl. Awesome achievement and it truly shows the remarkable consistency of LSU Football this century.
This was a very good win. Yes, it's Kentucky, but as said throughout the week....they're improved. LSU dominated from start to finish, and is well and truly back on track.

Next week is Ole Miss. It won't be easy, and that Rebel D is nasty. Hopefully Tiger Stadium will be packed though, and this young team can come of age.