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Hey...You Want to See Something Really Scary?

Mississippi...we're here...

Imagine a place. Bright. Glittery. Colorful. The sun shines down through big, tall, BEAUTIFUL oak trees create a beautiful tapestry and shadow and light. Children run and play! Joyfully!

Women! Resplendent in the finest dresses! Beautiful linen! Colorful! The men, clad in their Sunday finest! Food! Fellowship! Flowing champagne!

But there's nothin' behind it...The people are just...empty. Picture those glassy stares out of blank eyes. All that laughter that just rings...hollow...A rotten foundation under all of that beauty.

You see! All that celebratin'! All that joy they think they're makin'! The food! The fellowship! The children runnin' around and playin'?

They're just trying to outrun their fear!

They know what lies across that river. THEY KNOW that there are people that don't sip champagne! THEY KNOW that there are people that hunger for more than finger sandwiches on a tray.

And they know that there are people...that...see through them.

People like me. They'll try to tell you to look down on me. That my clothes don't come from those same fancy stores. That my car isn't as nice. That I don't know how to live like them.

They'll tell you that I'm a monster.

But I see the truth of things. I see...the truth of them. I see, all the empty promises. I see all the vacuousness that lies beyond the false smile that they put on for all the world! The blackness. The void in their souls that they can't fill up no matter how much money they spend on things they don't need. I see that they are just mannequins...pretending to be alive. Their lives...their hearts...the very essence of their being...was given away a long time ago. To vanity. Greed. Rampant...vile...materialism.

I see that they could NEVER LIVE...the way that we do. They know nothing of our world. They know nothing beyond the 10 square feet of their little tents! And they will never know the warmth...they will never know the joy...they will never know the FREEDOM...that we do. That comes when you learn to let go of your own fears...and become that which others fear. To be the thing that they deny. To be the thing that can't be talked about in...polite be the thing that hides under their bed and waits for them to close their eyes and try to forget...

There's one thing they'll tell you that's true. They'll tell you that I've come to take all of it away from them. To lay all that they love to waste. To destroy their world.

And they're right.

I will.