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First Impressions: LSU 10, Ole Miss 7


There was a lot of this
There was a lot of this
Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

There are no words. Just witness the amazing things which took place in this game:

  • Logan Stokes makes the first catch of his career. and it is on the first pass play of 13-play, 95-yard drive that previously had 12 runs. That was the single best play action pass call I've ever seen in an LSU game. What a perfect call, when everyone in the stadium is thinking run.
  • LSU turned the ball over four times, twice by fumble from the usually reliable running backs. Leonard Fournette could have put LSU up early, but he dropped the ball before contact inside the five yard line. Despite four turnovers, LSU stayed in the game throughout the night, and eventually got the win.
  • Bo Wallace finally threw his first interception in SEC play, and it was on the penultimate play of the game.  LSU iced the kicker before a 47-yard field goal attempt, which was only 47 yards because of a delay of game call on Ole Miss. LSU called timeout to ice the kicker, and Hugh Freeze decided to go for the win instead of the tie. So, I guess icing the kicker does work.
  • LSU dropped three sure interceptions in the game, and had a fourth wiped out by a pass interference penalty. It's hard to get mad at defensive backs for dropping picks, as there is a reason they play defense, but man... four times? So, of course, LSU sealed the game with an interception.
  • LSU left 17 points on the field in the first quarter. Fournette's fumble was only the most obvious. LSU dropped a sure pick, and Ole Miss scored on the next play, 3rd and goal from the 14. And LSU's first trip to the red zone was a comedy of errors: inadvertent whistle erases an amazing Fournette run, followed by a missed pass interference call on Ole Miss, capped off by a missed 19-yard field goal from the sure-footed Colby Delahoussaye.
  • Until LSU's touchdown, Ole Miss' offense completely came apart. Their first four possessions of the second half were all three and outs. LSU held Ole Miss' offense to -23 yards until the final two drives of the half. In fact, Ole Miss didn't reach positive yardage until the final desperation drive.

All of that happened. Just an amazing game with an amazing crowd. Les Miles now has a winning record when trailing in the fourth quarter because of course he does. This was a gut check game, and LSU came through with flying colors.

Everything went wrong, yet LSU still won. And Ole Miss went to hell.