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Monday Press Conference 2014 - Week 7

We catch up with Les Miles after a disaster of a game against Auburn.

Kevin C. Cox

Coach Miles started off by saying the way they played was disappointing, but he really likes the direction the team is moving. He pointed out that if you are looking for "quality effort" it is coming from the defensive side of the ball and that he thinks the offense is "really close," but still needs to improve. Miles believes that they delivered a strong performance in terms of effort and energy and that both the offensive and defensive lines played much better. Coach Miles actually talked to John Chavis and some of the defensive coaches about a couple technical things and mentioned that the front line is better, the linebackers "fool around," and the secondary is covered. He certainly seems optimistic in this group and mentioned many times that the group is improving and showing great effort.

Miles also mentioned a couple players names during the press conference. Brandon Harris will miss practice today and has a boot on his right foot. With that being said, a starting quarterback has not been named for the game against Florida. With the suspension of Treon Harris for Florida, coach Miles says he is prepared to face Jeff Driskel. Miles also mentioned that he was considering bringing offensive coordinator Cam Cameron to the sidelines, but said it could limit the play calling. Also, D.J. Welter was called a "tremendous contributor," but Kendall Beckwith will be seeing the majority of the snaps. Miles did not say if Beckwith would be the starter, however. Connor Neighbors should be ready for the game on Saturday and Quentin Thomas is still a question mark.

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