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Monday Press Conference 2014 - Week 12

Les Miles talks to the media on his 61st birthday after a heartbreaking loss to Alabama.

Chris Graythen

I am going to try a more "rundown-esque" type of column today. Let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Les Miles started his Monday presser with birthday wishes to former Advocate writer Ted Castillo. Miles then went on to address Veteran's day tomorrow and how he is thankful that he is able to coach because of their service.

Miles felt that Saturday's game was a match between "two quality teams really playing physical, competitive, fast and violent football."

He studied the game thoroughly and was able to talk to Steve Shaw, head of SEC officials, and discussed the way they look at certain calls that the majority of people felt were controversial. Miles appreciated the "candidness" at which Shaw spoke with him and he feels that his players will appreciate it as well.

Now on to the Alabama Miles addressed the final drive and how his team ran designed containments in order to tackle players inbounds, but the Alabama offense made plays and capitalized off of their mistakes.

The kickoff that went out of bounds was designed to go through the back of the endzone and Miles said there is a competition at that role and he is sure Trent Domingue will do better next time.

Miles believes the team as whole did enough to get a victory out of that game. Offensively they maintained the ball and owned the time of possession. Defensively, he felt that holding Alabama to 315 total yards on the day was "accomplishing a lot on defense."

Moving on to Arkansas, Miles believes that head coach Bret Bielema has done a great job moving his team in the right direction.

He mentioned how well some of their offensive weapons were playing such as Jonathon Williams, Brandon Allen, Keon Hatcher and Hunter Henry. He also mentioned how enormous and powerful the offensive line is and how they can be a handful to contain.

The defensive side for Arkansas is full of playmakers and "a lot of very, very mobile down linemen and linebackers."

Miles thinks the quick turnaround will work out well for his team since they will want to reconcile the defeat on Saturday by working towards the next opponent and facing a great challenge.

Quick Notes

Miles was unaware of the "F*** You Saban" chant. He disagreed with a fair amount of personal foul calls, but respects Shaw and the rest of the officiating crew's decisions. Rashard Robinson is suspended indefinitely and should not be expected to return "in the short-term at all." Kenny Hilliard should play against Arkansas after bruising his shoulder.

Full transcript of the press conference can be seen here (via