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Playin' Nice: Arkansas Fight

Ryan Higgins of Arkansas Fight fills us in on the Razorbacks.

1. I think just about everybody on LSU's side is looking at this game as just a massive trap. Arkansas is spoiling for a win, the Tigers are coming off an emotional loss. Game's at night, in Fayetteville. Freezing temperatures. How confident are Hog fans on the whole "lying in wait" thing?

I'd say it's to the point that they're overconfident. Personally, I've declared an "I'll believe it when I see it" policy when it comes to believing when the Hogs will finally win a SEC game.

2. This streak has featured so many close calls and even a couple shoulda-beens. Does it feel close to ending? What's the psyche in the Natural State right now?

I have no idea. They play Alabama close, then they shit the bed against Georgia. You just never know. That's mostly because all the talent on the team is young and will become more consistent with age.

3. Is there confidence/patience that despite the losses, Bret Bielema has the program headed in the right direction? Arkansas is certainly playing better football, even if it's not reflected in the win-loss record.

It will suck if Bielema goes 0-16 in his first two seasons, but it won't be the end of the world. However, he would have to go about 4-4 next season to make up for it. Bielema is learning how to win in the SEC as well. Like, you have to go for it on 4th down sometimes to win a game, instead of playing not to lose.

4. What's working for this Razorback offense aside from the obvious one-two punch of Williams and Collins?

The tight end position has performed well when Brandon Allen has gotten them the ball. But, his play has been average most of the time and his receivers are down right dreadful, most of the time.

5. What's Robb Smith brought to the defense this season as a coordinator? What has been the unit's strengths and weaknesses?

Aggressiveness. Pure and simple. Guys who played like crap all lasts season are finally playing up to their potential because they are aggressive and believe in themselves. No hyperbole, but the job Robb Smith has done with the defense this year is the best I have ever seen in my life. The one weakness is they are prone to give up big plays. That cost them at Mississippi State. At the same time, they only gave up 17 points to the #1 team in the nation, so you can't get mad about it.