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Heeeeeere Piggy Piggy!

What’s that I smell?

That aroma...there's almost a...sweetness to it...

Nah, it isn't that boucherie over there on the spit, or those cracklins in the pot. This is...different.

I think it might be desperation.

Yes...yes...I've seen this before. When a man is driven to his breaking point. To rock bottom. When his mind drives him to places he never thought he would go. To do things he never...ever...thought he would do.

I've seen a momma bring her baby's diapers back to the store so she can play some more video poker.

I've seen a daddy...sneak into the bathroom...where the family kept the alcoholic mouthwash...

And now...I look across that field and I see a man...who is just aching...shakin'...truly feel good about himself. To feel good about his family. To feel like he's doing something right.

Let's go back to the beginning. Allllll the way back to your nascent days, when your momma held you tight in her thick arms. She coddled you, she told you all the lies of the world.

"You are BEAUTIFUL."
"You are SPECIAL."
"You are my ANGEL."

She laid you on that changing table and grabbed your little feet and sweetly sang to you.

"This little piggy went to the market..." grabbing your big toe.

"This little piggy went home..." grabbing your second toe.

"This little piggy had roast beef..." grabbing your third toe.

"This little piggy had none...." grabbing your fourth toe.

"And this little piggy...."




the way


I been there man. I know the feeling that it's all right in front of you, your fingertips just outstretched to get a grasp on happiness, only to have it ripped away at the last second!

But then I learned new ways to find my happiness. To find my joy. That last rattle a throat makes when your hands are wrapped around it. That their eyes. I'm afraid I can't do much to help you find it...but you're going to help me.