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First Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 12

Auburn is the worst.

Weh eh eh eh elllllllllllllllll. Apparently y'all didn't listen to the common wisdom that you can't trust Auburn for nothin'. The Tiggers fell down to A&M, at home, knocking out seven of ya. And then there were three.

Just when it looked like no more surprises could come, the SEC does it to us again. Top 10 team at home vs. a young an under performing team is almost always a recipe for success. Except in the SEC, where most everyone is roughly equal and each week is a meat grinder. Brutal.

This Week's Games

South Carolina @ Florida
#1 Mississippi State @ #5 Alabama
Kentucky @ Tennessee
#9 Auburn @ #15 Georgia
Missouri @ #24 Texas A&M
#17 LSU @ Arkansas

Tough slate. Curious to see where the picks fall on this one. All three finalists have already picked Tennessee, so the easiest choice is out the window. This could be the week that dooms everyone.