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Link Gumbo - 11/21/14

A round-up of the latest LSU related news from the last week

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

Jeremy Hill now threat to win NFL Rookie of the Year - Cincy Jungle - Helped a bit by injuries to primary Bengals RB Gio Bernard, Jeremy Hill has pounced on his opportunity and played extremely well over his last 3 games, rushing for 361 yards and 2 TD's. He has 556 yards on the year which leads all rookie RB's. I found the talk that he wouldn't make it in the NFL completely ridiculous and it's good to see Jeremy prove that

Jarvis Landry Mic'd Up - Jarvis Landry is just so much fun. We knew about his personality and love for the game, and that hasn't dissipated as he's moved to the NFL. In fact it seems to have grown. Juice is the best.

Former LSU teammates Blue and Hill to meet again Sunday - Both Alfred Blue and Jeremy Hill had huge games last weekend, and now the former Tiger teammates will meet on Sunday as opponents. Let's hope both of them can have huge days.

Will Les Miles let the Marine play? - Many of you know the amazing story of LSU walk-on and former Marine Luke Boyd. A short synopsis of it is in this piece. The bigger news is David LaCerte, who is the secretary for Louisiana's Depart of Veteran Affairs, has petitioned Les Miles to get Boyd on the field. Let's hope Les can find some snaps for him.

Passing matchup the highlight of LSU-A&M - Now shifting focus to next Thursday (That's Thanksgiving. Yuck), here's a piece on the match-up between the two passing games

LSU fan almost loses his dentures in argument - Self deprecation is the best form of humor in my opinion. Here's some self deprecating about us LSU fans. Enjoy

Elliott Porter could be out for the rest of the season with ankle injury - First there was the disappointing Kenny Hilliard news, now this. Two seniors with injuries that could potentially finish their playing careers at LSU. And losing Porter isn't good for the LSU OL vs A&M, as the Tigers could get no push vs Arkansas. Overall I put that on just poor effort but that's a different story for another time.

Anthony Jennings received death threats because people are awful - Just...yeah. Why, people? Why?

Anthony Jennings ignores fan criticism - Thankfully AJ is able to ignore all this ridiculous garbage he hears from the most ridiculous wing of the fanbase.