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Odell Beckham Jr's Amazing Catch Sparks Meme

@Fusion413's Twitter

Odell Beckham made an insane, once-in-a-lifetime catch on Sunday Night Football last night, that we have posted here.

Here's the Vine of the catch, that's linked in the previous post:

Over the past several weeks, Beckham's become a bit of an internet phenomenon, doing things that don't shock any of us, since we watched him do it all last season. His pre-game warm-up routine of snagging the ball with one hand attracted early attention.

Naturally, the army of internet artists went to work photoshopping OBJ into various scenarios, cleverly starting the hashtag #thingsodellcouldcatch, as well as #bestcatchever becoming a trending topic. Here's a sampling of some of the best we found scouring the web:

Fellow athletes even had some things to say:

Sam Ponder had this to say:

Les Miles played it cool, though.

I was too lazy to get into the game last night, but maybe I'll cook up something special for BIG. GAME. PREVIEW. on Wednesday.