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Playin' ... "Nice"... : Good Bull Hunting

The one where we talk with Dr. Norris Camacho and James Gardner of Good Bull Hunting about life in a cult Aggie fanhood and Thursday's big game.

Okay everybody, now JAZZZZZHANDS!
Okay everybody, now JAZZZZZHANDS!

1. Look...we're in this...we're going to try and make this work. But you guys have really gotta stop trying to make us do things like your ex and talk about how much you don't miss them and stuff. It's just awkward. Promise?

Dr. Camacho: Heh...what are you talking about? [checks phone frantically, refreshes Burnt Orange Nation]

Gardner: Hey hey hey we're totally in this too. You're crazier than our ex in all the right ways. You're fun to party with. You're a better cook. You're not so gotdamn self-righteous and pompous. We love that about you. But it'd be hilarious if you wore this burnt orange slutty maid's costume on Thanksgiving. No, really. Do it.

2. So now that Johnny is gone, have you guys properly sterilized the new stadium, or is there still Drake residue everywhere? Would really be nice to know if our players, coaches and fans need to get some shots before they show up.

Dr. Camacho: Yes. the crews started from the bottom of the stadium. Should be all clear now.

3. After all the Kenny Trill foolishness, has Sumlin put a moratorium on nickname trademarks for Kyle Allen?

Dr. Camacho: Sumlin has but we haven't. Kyle Talon is the current front-runner.

Gardner: I think we should give out prison inmate numbers until players win an SEC Championship.

4. Who's bringing what to this whole shindig? We make a pretty mean oyster dressing and we can fry just about anything, but how y'all want to split it up?

Gardner: As we mentioned above, y'all are phenomenal cooks and it is very much appreciated. Bring over whatever you crazy bastards like. Maybe bring some ‘shine and Abita? We'll have plenty of Tito's, brisket, and sausage. We'll burn everything to the ground once everything is finished.

5. Horrible offense versus horrible defense: which unit gums the other one to death first?

Gardner: Just line up and run three straight half-assed dives at us on each possession and I think you'll be more than pleased with your results. We're that bad right now. Just make sure you're grateful. It's Thanksgiving after all.