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How You Gonna Keep 'Em Down On The Farm...

He’s got the whooooooole world…in his hands! He’s got the whoooole wide world…in his hands!

People will say that I am a leader. That I have followers. But it is not so! Brothers and sisters! Family! That is what you all are to me!

You see, independence is a very important quality to me. But it is only through strife...discord, that free men...can truly come to agree. And I only offer you a truth...for you to see...for you to decide on.

Beware of those who follow blindly Kevin! Oh, they will cheer for you! They will chant! They will sway to the music that you sing to them...but what of when the music stops. You hold all of their hopes and dreams, and you tell them...that you will triumph...that the light will shine through. The darkness. You make them believe that the light scares away all of the monsters!

But I'm still here Kevin. And woe for all of those sweet souls out there in the seats! For the wool is about to be pulled off of their eyes, and they will ALL SEE THE TRUTH. That monsters are real. And that nothing you can do will drive us away. And after I have beaten that truth into you...after I hear your bones crack and after you have screamed out for that mercy that does not exist...THEN...then those people will see just how wrong you have been, and just how much you have led them astray.

And then the farmer's pitchforks...will be out for you.