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LSU-A&M Postgame Videos

Scott Halleran/Getty Images

Les Miles

Miles praises Cam Cameron's gameplan and how the defense played. He did not know about the no-call offsides penalty on the last play until someone in the room told him. TGBFTL starts to march out nearby and Miles pauses to ask if A&M was trying to slay turkeys with their cannon. He's encouraged by how Delahoussaye recovered to kick what would be the game winner, but it sounds like there may be some competition for that in the bowl break. He very specifically states that he wanted to get Harris into the game at some point and that he made a mistake by not playing him, which, for all the Les-speak we've heard on this topic the last few months, was surprisingly direct. No word on what Danielle Hunter's injury is. He's still heated about the holding call that brought back the late Dural run. Despite pretty solid rumors that he's in line for the Troy job, Miles says he's got no knowledge that Frank Wilson is a candidate for any jobs. Miles wants this game to have a trophy and envisions a giant Roughnecks Wrench would be suitable. Said Jennings early INT was the reciever's fault for how the route was run.

Leonard Fournette

Anthony Jennings

Kwon Alexander

Skycam feed of this game is available on WatchESPN