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Link Gumbo - 11/03/14

Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

The Bye Week was a much needed recharge for all of us after 9 straight weeks of madness. Time to get back into game mode.

So many great stories kept coming out after the Ole Miss game, it'd be a shame if you missed them. LSUSports caught up with Trey Quinn to talk about the epic crowd surfing photo that's sure to go down in LSU lore for generations. LSU equipment manager Greg Stringfellow said he'd never seen a facemask break like Fournette's did.

Lee Feinswog, who's doing work for this year, chronicled the loss and triumph in 48 hours for Les Miles last weekend. Notably, the piece had a quote from Alleva about the field storming that has since vanished.


Of course, the SEC won't stand for enthusiastic language like that. So that statement, which was the first sentence uttered by Joe Alleva in 5 years that made me actually like the guy, has been removed, with no notice or mention, from the piece. C'mon guys, who are you trying to fool? Anyway, LSU was fined, as expected, by the SEC. Sod God Eric Fasbender reported that fans were seen taking chunks out of the field, some pieces as large as nine inches long by four inches deep.

Respect and condolences to the family of Brian Tingley, the 59 year old man who died of a heart attack in the South Endzone stands during the fourth quarter. By all accounts, the man was doing what he loved.

Postgame quote of the year from RB coach Frank Wilson: "If La'el Collins is not a top-five draft pick, I'll kiss my own ass"

Here's a story from the Ole Miss weekend that wasn't great to relive. The utter and complete failure of LSU's traffic plan this season left southbound drivers in traffic for hours just trying to reach locations less than 20 miles from campus. I hope whatever company it was that LSU paid for this new traffic plan this year was at least cheap. Back to the drawing board for next year, I guess, but let's face facts. Postgame traffic at LSU has been nothing short of a disaster for a full decade now. I'm not sure they'll ever find a plan that works.

If you were at the game, see if you can find yourself in the big group photo.

TSD has a great interview with new OL coach Jeff Grimes about how he's been able to improve the performance of the line over the last few weeks.

ESPN has a neat photo tour of Les Miles' office.

Tiger Rag caught up with a couple of LSU legends recently, Baton Rouge natives Billy Cannon, Johnny Robinson and Warren Rabb from the '58 team and newly minted SEC Legend, LSU radio commentator Doug Moreau.

Tiger Rag also got a chance to look at some new mouthpiece technology LSU is using this season to monitor and prevent concussion injuries.

One of those stories you always love reading, The Daily Rev profiles SR Walk-on Chris LaBorde, who was recently awarded a scholarship.

At some point, Ben Simmons will actually get to play for LSU. Until then here's another profile of the the kid some are calling the best high school basketball player in the country.

WAFB caught up with LSU's most famous punters, Donnie Jones and Brad Wing, who are now the punters for the 2 Pennsylvania NFL teams.

Banner day for Jeremy Hill, who used his first start with the Bengals to lead them to victory over the Jaguars. With Hill's start, 8 of LSU's 9 2014 NFL draft picks have started at least 1 game (James Wright being the lone man out) and all have had playing time in the regular season.

Volleyball is now on a NINE game winning streak after a 3-2 comeback against Arkansas on Sunday. Their next match is Thursday @ A&M @ 6pm, a game that will be televised live on the SEC Network.

Time for some Fall Ball updates from The Box. Christian Pelaez, a RSFR RHP who missed all of last year with injury was shut down for the remainder of the fall after another troubling MRI and has decided to transfer back home to a Miami Juco. That same camp report also notes minor injuries to Bregman and Laird, in what has been an injury ridden fall for LSU. The Times-Pic has a great profile of Frosh RHP Alex Lange, who has been very impressive this fall.

As crazy as things are starting to line up to be in the SEC West, the SEC East was briefly on the path to it's own 5-way tie madness. Unfortunately , the Vols' OT win over SCar sunk that scenario and *checks papers* *does calculus* Mizzou is now the leader in the SEC East.

Wait, what?

Speaking of the UT-SCar OT upset, Steve Spurrier gave one of the epic post-game press conferences of his career. Enjoy it here in all of it's 1:01 long glory.