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Monday Press Conference 2014 - Week 11

Les Miles meets with the media to talk about the upcoming matchup against Alabama.

Kevin C. Cox

Coach Miles opened up the presser today with talk of Election Day coming up and how it should not be confused with Columbus Day or St. Patrick's Day (he is fun). He then moved on to the important matter, Alabama. He discussed how much he enjoys preparing for a quality opponent in a "big-time game." Les Miles  believes his team plays "biggest in big games" and is looking forward to a rocking Tiger Stadium encouraging the fans to "eat concessions." Miles then brought up how it is also a sad day for him because it is the senior game and it seems to go by so quick for him seeing players like Terrence Magee, Kenny Hilliard, D.J. Welter and La'el Collins move on to bigger and better things.

Back to football, Miles gave his two-cents on the Ole Miss game. He acknowledged Kenny Hilliard's performance in the final drive of the fourth quarter and how his team cannot have four turnovers. Miles kept it brief about Ole Miss because he was bombarded with questions about Alabama (which makes sense). He is looking forward to the challenge that is Alabama's offense respecting Blake Sims' dual-threat abilities and the ground game involving T.J. Yeldon and Derrick Henry. He singled-out Amari Cooper calling him "maybe the best wide receiver in the country." He then went on to say that LSU will probably be facing the best defense they've seen all year in Alabama. Miles expressed just how fast, strong and talented that defense is with guys like Landon Collins being an excellent playmaker. Before he turned it over to the questions, he wanted to say thank you to all the people that shared their condolences with him and his family after his mother's passing.

A couple notes from the questions that were asked: Miles mentioned that Lane Kiffin is "a very tactical guy" and is very talented. Miles doesn't think there is any loss of momentum heading into this game after the bye week and doesn't see the bye week being a "disadvantage" for this team. He believes there is a mutual respect between him and Nick Saban and he believes that he is a very talented coach. Miles said he "hopes there will be some surprises" when it comes to his offensive gameplan against Alabama.

To view the full transcript, click here. (via - LSU-Arkansas Set for Primetime on ESPN2