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First Annual Paul Crewe Survivor Pool: Week 11

Someone needs to lose already.

Well well well, I'm a bit surprised we didn't get all Vandy from everyone but Xan, but hey, it's your game.

Congrats to you 10 for thus far navigating the pitfalls of the SEC. It would seem there are fewer trap games left on the schedule now that we have a better idea of how strong all of these teams are, but you just never know. A key injury there, a tipped pass there and suddenly Kentucky is your SEC Champion. That's how this league works, folks.

Only four contests this week as the other teams on the schedule both play FCS opponents. Is Georgia reeling? Can LSU spring an upset? Do we trust Florida yet, even against someone as miserable as Vanderbilt? Well, there's always the mighty fightin' Aggies of Texas A&M! Good luck out there!

This Week's Games

#20 Georgia @ Kentucky
Texas A&M @ #3 Auburn
Florida @ Vanderbilt
#5 Alabama @ #16 LSU