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Where Does LSU Stand with Daylon Mack?

News broke Friday, from the source himself, that 5-star defensive tackle Daylon Mack de-committed from Texas A&M, whom he committed to in October 2013. Mack was considered one of the key pieces to an Aggie recruiting class that's suddenly hemorrhaging after 5-star LB Malik Jefferson, long considered an Aggie lean, and 4-star WR DeAndre McNeal, both chose the Longhorns.

Saturday, Mack announced his top two via his Twitter:

That the Longhorns didn't make the cut is surprising considering the seeming momentum from the Jefferson/McNeal commitments. TCU and LSU are two of Mack's longtime suitors, so their inclusion isn't altogether surprising. Mack has already officially visited TCU, in October, and is scheduled to officially visit LSU on the weekend of January 16th. The one caveat here is that he will still take a visit to Texas, where Malik Jefferson will already be enrolled and surely putting on a hard sell.

That said, as Wescott Eberts notes, Mack has hardly any relationship with the Longhorn coaching staff and hasn't been in Austin since 2013. Whereas he unofficially visited LSU just this past November. The Longhorns have a lot of ground to make up, it seems.

If we turn to the Crystal Ball, the picks for Texas began trending after Mack announced his de-commitment. They then began to trend toward LSU after he announced his top two.

LSU looks to be in great position to land the 5-star DT. His recent visits to campus, still pending official visit and being named in the top two are all positive signs. Kudos to Brick Haley and Steve Ensminger, who diligently remained in pursuit of Mack all along, despite his commitment to A&M. Let's hope the hard work is paid off come signing day.