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QB Caleb Lewis Commits to LSU as Preferred Walk-On

Two-time 2A Florida Player of the Year commits to LSU as a preferred walk-on.

Troy Taormina-USA TODAY Sports

Some bonus recruiting news this morning, as Lakeland, FL QB Caleb Lewis pledged to LSU as a preferred walk-on, according to his coach, who is also his father, and a local newspaper.

Lewis is an unrated prospect on 247 Sports, but he does boast offers from Albany State, Ohio, FIU and Buffalo. He's quite accomplished, twice winning the Florida 2A Player of the Year award, and also winning three State Championships with Lakeland. He set a state record in the Championship game, throwing six touchdown passes, and his 385 yards were third all time.

Lewis is the type of talent LSU typically scoops up for their preferred walk-on spots. He's a borderline D1 talent, who can add some depth to the current roster. While he'll likely never see a significant snap, it helps to have extra arms in camps, simply for the sake of repetitions. Here's a reel of Lewis' highlights:

He throws with solid anticipation and nice touch. You can tell he doesn't have an overly strong arm. There's not a ton of zip on the intermediate balls, but he does show some ability to hit players on the opposite hash, so his arm may be deceptively strong. He does have a long, looping throwing motion, which will need to be tightened up.

By far his best attribute is his pocket mobility. He's not a mobile guy that's gonna run a spread attack, but he does a great job of scrambling out of pressure, resetting his feet and finding open targets down field. He seems to have great feel within the pocket, and always keeps his eyes downfield.

At 6'3", 190 pounds, he's got a nice frame to build on as well. The odds that Lewis becomes anything more than practice depth are extremely small. Still, this is the perfect type of kid for a preferred walk-on spot: coach's kid, highly accomplished, and will come in and work hard.