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Playin' ... "Nice" : One Foot Down

I think this his what they call "midwestern nice" right? More questions and answers for Eric Murtaugh of One Foot Down.

1. We're somewhat forgiving on Lou Holtz. Arkansas, Minnesota and South Carolina get some partial blame on him. But how do you guys sleep at night knowing you helped force Mike Golic on the unsuspecting populace?

Is this about the Kardashian spoof picture? It's about that picture isn't it? Does it make you feel better that his son, former Notre Dame offensive lineman from a couple years ago, Mike Golic Jr. is probably a few short years away from breaking into the media profession, as well? No that actually makes it way worse?

Yes, we are so very sorry.

2. So what shade of purple can we look forward to out of Brian Kelly this week? Mauve? Or maybe a more festive violet for the holidays?

Actually, I don't believe we'll be seeing anything close to purple. It's been nearly 4 full seasons since "the incident" and there was probably something in Brian Kelly's contract extension that it shall never happen again. That said, you still need 95 degree Indiana heat and humidity for that special purple and that rarely ever happens. Plus, I believe the priests have secretly installed some shock device on the coach in case he does get a little too riled up. That's what I've heard anyway.

3. So what do your parents think of this whole shackin' up situation with the ACC? I mean look, we get it, everybody has that phase in life where they think it's a good idea to move in with a conference without too much commitment. But the ACC? They just don't seem like your "kind of people."

ACC are our peeps, yo. I know everyone thinks of Notre Dame and the location of the University and sees a future in the Big Ten. However, we needed to take some steps to prevent that from ever happening. They don't like us and we don't like them. The only reason it would make sense is for the Irish fans who grew up in the Midwest and for the Big Ten to make more money off the Notre Dane brand. Our fans will be fine without those games nearby in Iowa City or Champaign. As to the the other thing the Big Ten can take a hike.

But for real, the ACC fits Notre Dame really well. Culturally there are more smaller schools and more private schools. The strength in soccer, basketball, and lacrosse is great for Notre Dame. We want more of a presence on the East Coast, particularly in the Carolina's, in addition to more room for growth in the South. This is where the future lays for Notre Dame.

4. So does Charlie Weis at least like...invite you guys over from time to time to swim in the giant pool of money you gave him? I mean that's the least he can do, right?

Weis is probably sending out invites but I'm not so sure anyone is taking him up on any of those offers. He got all that money from a previous athletic director. All we can do is keep sending him checks and wishing him well from a distance. I think the buyout is almost over, praise Jesus.